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600cc sports bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by cbr250rr, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. hey peoples what does everyone think regarding 600cc sport bikes are they a good step up from a 250? thanks Philip.

  2. Very broad question, Phil, and no right or wrong answer....

    Do you want to commute, mostly, with an occasional run through the twisties?

    Do you want to tour?

    Or do you just want to hang around Southbank on a Friday night and look cool??

    Give us a more defined idea of what you are after....
  3. But 4 cyl 600s are are great rides ..aren't the Paul? :)
    Why do you have one?
  4. I know I'll be heading in that direction when I upgrade, although probably looking more at a 675 :).

    If you are looking at sports bikes you don't really have any other option when it comes to looking at a capacity between 250-600cc (talking about new bikes here). Though supposedly the big 4 are looking to bring out 400cc version of their sports bikes e.g. GSXR400 etc.
  5. the new daytonas are beautifull. wazza (undii) has a silver(grey?) '06 and its awesome.

    EDIT: forgot about the 1st post, lol. got sidetracked at tyhe thought of the new daytonas...mmmm.

    I went from a 250 virago to a R6. there is a VERY big difference. i suggest not stepping up untill you feel you are ready. dont upgrade just because you can legally do so.

    My previous bike (b4 the virago) was a yamaha TZR250 (2 stroke) and it kept up with my bosses R6 to about 140k's, so i was already used to the sportsbike seating position and having alittle bit of power also (top speed of 200).

    you can step up from a cb250 to a 1300busa. at the end of the day its just a throttle. you just have to know if you can handle it or not.

    also just to add, i ride every day rain hail or shine, had 2 solid years road experience before i went shopping for a bigger bike.
  6. I swear by my Honda CBR600F4i.

    In-line 4 is super smooth and still has the grunt to pull away from most others. Breno's R6 gives her a bit of run for her money though. ;)

    The F4's are the best all round super sport production bike, winning national and world championships consistantly.
  7. I know, it's a damn shame that he isn't able to ride it. I feel so sorry for him.
  8. shane, next time you see me zipping around w'bee give me a toot toot and we can drag. lol. but seriously if you wanted to hook up for a ride one day drop us a pm. i have a mate looking to get an R1 by the end of the week and he's from hoppers and my work hours have gone back to normal so hopefully most weekends are free ;)
  9. more info please :?:
  10. You're best to take a few for a ride and judge for yourself. Everyone's different so it's a hard thing to comment on. I went straight to a 1200 and found it suited me perfectly. I eventually got to ride a 600 supersport and found it too slow and small for my liking.
    I'm not sure of your location, but there's a Honda Demo day on the 20/21st of this month in Seaford. Best way to try all styles of bikes (at least what Honda has to offer).
  11. I thought he was still out of action. Looks like I'm mistaken!
  12. 600 sports? There's a ton of them.

    There's probably one that's right for you - espcially if you include naked bikes like the Hornet. You can't choose it by reading, looking at numbers and seat heights and power figures. Go get your butt on a bike or six. When you find the right one, you'll know.

    If you'd told me a year ago I'd buy a CBR600, I'd have laughed in your face.
    Then I test rode one. Just couldn't belive the chassis and acceleration compared to my two-fiddy.

    Now I'm waiting for someone to tell me I'm going to buy a 1200 :grin:
  13. lol im lost, i dont know who you are refffering to haggie :p
  14. Ahhh, talk about a break down of communication.

    I'm talking about Undii after his crash back in March...
  15. You're on a CBR now. Does it make you happy, or are there things (like ride position, revs, torque or whatever) that frustrate you about it? And are those things specific to the 250 or to a 4 cyilner 4 stroke faired sports bike? That will at least help decide whether you should think about something similar like the CBR 600s or different like an SV 650 or whatever.
  16. he was back on the bike but is off atm untill he heals after his operation was on the ph to him sunday, said he goes out for short stints but doesnt want to puch it.
  17. That's good to hear. At least he's keeping his eye in.

    Sorry to the OP for hijacking!
  18. only thing with my r6 is now i feel its lacking in power. Well down low, Power comes on about 5-6k and then it just pulls.
    Next upgrade i thinkies will be a litre bike - mind set on the a white or black triple, but lets just see how the finances go
  19. Well cbr250rr I would say that all the 600 sports bikes are fairly similar so no matter which one you ride away on you will be happy with it. Oh yeah and YES, the 600 series is a good step from the 250 you are currently on.

    But I am going to put another bike in the equation... the GSXR 750, I so wish I had one in the driveway. :( Anyway that would be my sujestion, take it however you want.