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600cc Sports Bikes between $7000 - $10000 Winner - CBR600Fi

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by spinayarn, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. My Dilemma,
    My GF wants a 600cc sports bike. Price range is $7000 - $9500. I am leaning towards the R6 (not sure why). She wants a bike that can be used as a commuter, tourer, and the occasional track day.

    From what I've seen, we are looking at 00/01 models. If anybody has a link or copy of some reviews, that would be awesome.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Google is your friend.

    Zx6r is the torquer of the 600 group (636cc). For that price you're looking at 01-03, depending on condition - all in great condition and low kms.
  3. Thundercat! Engine's better for everyday use than the track-focused R6, it feels stronger and will come in at the lower end of your price range, so more money for beer and porno.
  4. Re: 600cc Sports Bikes between 7000 - 10000

    There are a lot more comfortable bikes than an R6 if its going to be used primarily as a commuter and tourer. Looked at the Yamaha FZ6 or Suzuki SV650?
  5. F4i with the banana seat :).
  6. Although she luvs beer & porno, she also wants a fully faired bike.

    I do have a soft spot for the ZX6R (I ride a ZX7R).

    A comparo would be gr8.
  7. There are zillions of reviews on every bike out there man, and alot of reviews comparing the big 4 each year, go google them!
  8. Tim,
    I found my CBR600F 2005 model with 3500km (yes thats 3.5thou) for $8500 with 12 months rego. Very sporty and more comfortable than an RR. Search the private sales.
  9. The Thundercat is fully faired and a cracker of a bike!

    although a pre 2002 ZX6R is also pretty good
  10. Er, thundercat IS a fully faired bike:


    Basically an R6 before they went all race-focused. Amazingly smooth bike, I'm thinking of downgrading to one after spending 3 days with one recently. Can't speak highly enough of them.
  11. CBR600RR.

    The worlds greatest bike. You can do a million miles an hour on it, and I know cause I've been there. Go exactly where you point it. Can run over anything and the sublime suspension will just deal with it. It will probably last you 3000 years as well. Stops on a dime, and cause 43000 of them have been sold, theres plenty on the market second hand.

    But I also have to tip my hat to Loz's usual massive practical choice of steed the Thundercat.

    I just never do practical.
  12. Sorry loz

    i was referring to the Yamaha FZ6 and Suzuki SV650

    Hey VtrElmarco, you wouldn't be biased at all?

    I like the Honda resale & rock solid name.

    Unfortunately if you want a Honda serviced in Melb city, your only choice is PS. I have not had a good experience with them, and they charge $90/hr labour for the dis-service.

    Did they stop making the Thundercat in about 1998?
    I think if I can afford a more modern bike, it will last a bit longer.

    Did I mention the colour scheme cant clash with the pink on her Helmet & jacket?
  13. Spend an extra $1500 above your budget and you can have my 2007 R6 :)
  14. [​IMG]

    has pink
    it's on bike sales.com.au
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  16. Gets my vote too.
  17. +1,
    My flatmate owns one (but with the more sporty seat, it's an '02) and she's definitely more comfortable to ride long distances than my RR. But... I would never, ever, EVER, swap keys. Ever!!!! :p
  18. go the 05-06 zx6r. won sports bike of the year in 05.
    i ride a 05 zx6r and found the extra 36cc makes a big difference compared to other 600s. It has grunt from low and a very strong mid range and the riding position is very comfy.
    Has very good suspension and it has a slipper clutch!!!
  19. thundercat or cbr f would be the i would suggest, i had a thundercat, can't say we really got along that well, but other love them, i loved mine as a commuter too, not so much in the twisties (just didn't suit my style of riding :( )but yeah never had any issues, heard lots of good reports about the cbr600f4i too
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