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600CC or bigger

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jimboss, May 15, 2007.

  1. Just some thoughts please -Im coming off my P soon and wondering what peoples experiences have been when upgrading CC's on the bike

    I have been told by an instructor not to get a 600cc and go 1000cc and up -his reason was that the 600 will feel good for the first couple of weeks but you will be dissapointed and want to get a larger bike.

    Does this sound right?

    Ps Im looking at getting a R1

  2. Hmmm, thats a bit of a myth with the new 600's these days.

    Its going to come down to what you are comfy on. A 600cc is no good for me, nor is a 1ltr bike really, hence my upgrade was the ZX12R, and now i have the 14.

    Will you be buying new ?? If second hand then yeah a 1000cc bike could be an option. The GSXR750 is also something worth looking at too.

    Remember the new LTR bikes are very powerful down low. You must be very respectful of the throttle.

    Its your choice in the end, also remember to price up your insurance.

    Good luck and enjoy your shopping..
  3. I just came off my Ps and test rode a GSXR600 today and thought it had a bit of power, but noticed I could handle it quite well seeing as I had been pushing my 250 as far as it could go.

    I think you'll be pleased with a 600cc but just as pleased with a 1000cc. I'm testing some 1000cc tomorrow.
  4. Yeh my logical choice was the 600cc - but being 30ys 100kg/6ft bloke I thought he might be right -

    I know with the 250 I have to get the the jockey whip out some times to get it moving? - I'll have to do some testrides .

    Im a pretty responsible rider 95% of the time and would give respect to any uprgade in power.
  5. i went 900 then back a 600 - but i'm small and short :oops:
  6. Can anyone suggest some good bikes to test?
  7. Ok sounds like possibly a 1000cc bike will be good for you. Remember try the GSXR750.. Its all about what you like, its your money.. :grin:
  8. No worries Blue14 Ill give it a go - Thanks for the heads up
  9. GSXR range
    ZX10R and ZX6
    R1 and R6
    Blades 1000cc and 600cc

    What about the ZX14, Busa, Blackbird ??

    If you want preowned, ZX12R ??

    Basically ride em all mate.. If they let you.. :?
  10. bike only goes as quick as your wrist twists. treat any 600cc or 1000cc bike with respect and you'll be fine. But insurance will be a big thing and also litres can(will be) be more expensive on tha juice if you like revving the shitter out of it.
  11. I just had a look at the Peter Stevens site GSXR750 $9990 and they look like nice bikes anyone got one - whats on road cost like are they a reliable bike?
  12. Speak with Yammychick. Just bought one brand spanking new..
  13. Might find something in here
    Bike Reviews, Thoughts and Suggestions
    Share your thoughts on a bike. Or ask about which bike is best suited.
  14. At $9990 thats not a new GSX-R750 is it?

    What type of riding do you like? Do you like to rev it hard in gears or just like lot's of low down torque at street riding rpm? Does it have to be a supersports bike?
  15. while that is true, its not entirely correct, on the bigger bikes you end up going alot quicker then you actually realise, especially when jumping off a 250, when you twist the throttle on a 250 it takes a little while in most cases to get to 100+ km/h at full throttle.

    on a larger bike, you will see yourself over 100 km/h in a matter of seconds with out fully opening throttle up or really changing gears, as the larger bikes have more torque and power, especially any of the litre bikes be it a I4 or a twin of any description.
  16. Yep thanks ill check out the bike reviews - Most of my riding - is pretty much riding to work moorabbin to the docklands - Im not really into the cruisin or track stuff - I would like a good all round bike
  17. definately the gsxr750

    or even look at the vfr800's more relaxed riding position for commuting, brilliant sports tourer capable of just about anything
  18. your instructor is an idiot. what kind of instructor would tell you to jump straight to a 1 litre?

    new 600s powerful enough and for someone that is just getting off their P's, the last thing u want to do is up straight to a R1. just look at the stats of young people who ride a R1 and die is enough to tell you something.

    you dont have to listen to what people tell you so i guess you can do whatever you want to do but my advice is to get a 600 and when you can fully max the bike out around corners, then get a 1000.
  19. If your just going to be commuting to work and not interested in performance riding and track days then I think a supersport bike wouldn't be ideal.

    What about a CB900 Hornet? They are cheap brand new and would be a great ride to work?
  20. zx9r but hey im biased :grin: you can get a 2002 model with relativly low ks from around $7-8000 and there bullitte proof and comfy and will do it all.Even a 99 model around $5-6ooo but i u got the cash go the later models lighter and better handling :grin: