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600cc of Fun!! Gixxer!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Hicksey11, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Bought this in March and havnt really done much. Only has 700km on it now.

    I rode all of the 600cc in the sportsbike category and I found this the best fit for me and also a great price.

    Zero Gravity Screen, Pazzo Levers, Oggy Knobs, Tail Tidy, Yoshi Pipe, R&G Exhaust hanger, Seat Cowl, Stomp Grips and I have de stickered it a little.

    Some Pics




  2. 3 months and only 700kms, get a wriggle on.

    Nice bike.
  3. 3 months 700kms not sure if srs..
  4. Do you mean 7000?

    You found time for the mods but not more than a days worth of kms? Better have a good reason or I'm calling epic poser =P
  5. if this is correct and not a typo, I assume no first service yet and still has original engine run-in oil.

    anyone know if 4 months with run-in fluids would have any impact on the engine? just to clarify, this question is born out of vast quantities of ignorance 8-[
  6. Its not a typo. I honestly have not had time to ride it. Im currently working 6 days a week while renovating a house. So time to ride is very minimal. I had a mate over the other night and we put all the stuff on for something to do as I was getting stressed about everything.

    First service will be next month sometime, when I get the time to ride to canberra and back in the one day. And then I will do most of the servicing myself as I am a mechanic.

    Cheers, Xave