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600cc i4 for $5000?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. OK so I want a second bike and my budget (at the moment, unless convinced otherwise) is $5000. I was hoping some people who know the market could please give me some suggestions. My criteria;
    - $5000
    - Anything and up 600cc
    - 4 cylinders
    - Sporty
    - Good mechanical condition, asthetics can be a bit rough, but no cracks
    - Rego and consumeables all in order - don't want to spend anything initially if possible

    Something like a 99 r6 or gsxr600 for 5g, am I dreaming?

  2. ZX-6R. You'll be able to get around a 2000 model for that money.
  3. CBR6F is a top bike, you could find F3 or F4 if you look hard enough.

    VFR750 is a legend bike, they're around for that money. There will also be Kwaka 600s and 750s, I'd probably avoid those... Not sure about that vintage of GSX-R.
  4. I dont know any, but as I'm also in the market for a bike, go to trading post or bikesales.com and you can search for a bike with that specific criteria under "refine search".

  5. umm, isn't the 650 sporty??? It should have more then enough to keep reasonable pace. :?
  6. Course it is, but I want to try an i4 :D
  7. you can get a nice gsxr600 around 97-00 model, I would aim for the 01 though, much better shape.
    Or a cbr600f3 in great condition but I would hang out for a F4, i got mine for $5200. There is/was a 99 F4 on Rats going for less then 5, had braided lines, wavey brakes etc.. 95k km though.
    99 r6's are almost getting to 5K, zx6r's are all over the place but those old ones probably should be left alone for reliability concerns.
  8. :LOL: 01 gsxr600 for $5000. Good luck. Maybe a damaged one. Or one thats done 100,000kms.

    I am looking at a nice 4 cylinder 600cc sports bike. I have found you have to spend in the vicinity of $6500-$7000 to get anything decent with good kms on the clock thats not ancient or damaged.
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  10. Thanks Bravus, nice 6r :)

    The cbr600fs are looking like a possibility.. bit lacking in character though.. will have to try some to see though since I haven't ridden any.
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  12. Thanks for the link mate, something with cosmetic damage would be best I think, cheers!
  13. phiz you can look at the 6R that is on the for sale section of NR... but i think the fella is in melbourne tho
  14. +1.

    I think you would be better saving a little more and getting something with a bit more razz. Most of these bikes would have had hard lives and if your looking at a 9/10 year old bike you could run into problems. Saying that thou I spent 5k on a 10 year old bike and haven't had a problem in the 20,000km's I've put on it.
  15. Spied a GSXR750 in bloody good nick, current stunt bike, full rego etc with an 04 model motor for $5000. The bloke i was speaking to knows the bike and rider history and it's rarely been up on one wheel. If i had the spare dosh I'd get it...

    Probably be able to twist his arm for $4500. Pm me and I'll get you a number if you like.

    Comes with cage, massively oversized front sprocket, street glass and race glass. It's in Vic, too.
  16. a stunter thats rarely been up on 1 wheels... lol wtf! :p
  17. The owner never got her confidence up!
  18. you mean "rear" right? ;)
  19. Not buying for a few months, just checking out the market. Also will be buying NSW, can't be bothered doing the interstate thing again unless its a serious serious serious bargain. I'm tempted to go for an 01 600 that has FI, so cbr or gix.. will have to ride the non FI ones to see though.