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600cc first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jona, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. gday people!
    i know this has kinda been done before but i thought i should just ask for your opinions anyway. Im 21, and have had about 30mins riding experience total on my friends CBR 250RR!. The time has come and i now will be getting my license over the comming weeks and i need to get a bike. Now, ive made up my mind.....im going to go straight for a 600.....an 04 zx6r to be exact. Now im pretty level headed and have owned some pretty powerful machines before.....including a 10sec VT, so i know all about self control and respect for machines that can take life away in an instant. I guess what im trying to get at is are these bikes a garunteed death trap for a newbie even IF they ride well within their limits. A bike will only go as fast as u make it! Hopefully i will get sum more time on the CBR before i get on the 6R but i would like some input into what you more experienced riders think


  2. You've made your mind up. Why bother asking for opinions?
  3. I think I hope you're fat.

    Those bikes have incredibly hard suspension, need a lot of weight to make them work properly, light riders usually get hammered.
  4. mate i said ive made my mind up on what bike i WANT.....if 300 people come on here and say dude u are guna die then i guess i will have to think about it some more hey........thanks for your constructive input :roll:

    lol fat no, but i weigh bout 95kgs and am 6ft:)
  5. Well a big factor is BIKE inexperience. If you get into a panic situation in a bike you may do a reactive grab/roll of throttle that on a powerful bike can end in BIG disaster whereas on a less powerful bike (like a 250 or less) you may be able to pull up before the said major disaster may happen. Do this for a while on a 250, learn instinctive moves/reactions on a lesser bike which is more forgiving of 'silly/newbie' mistakes and when you're used to riding a bike (nothing like a car really except at least you may have learned to have a level head in traffic panic situations (but it's still an IF due to bike and car differences as a whole) then move onto a more powerful bike.

    Whatever you choose, hope you stay shiny side up :) Enjoy riding, it's a fantastic thing :grin: :biker:
  6. Just buy a 1400. If you're going to do something dumb, it may as well be REALLY dumb.
    Most modern 600's bite pretty hard if ridden by inexperienced riders, I hate to tell you this, but your car experience counts for zero, especially at your age.
    If you do crash, (and I am assuming you don't have a motorcycle licence, you mentioned bugger all riding experience) you will not be covered by any insurance at all.
    Can you afford to spend up to $30-50k replacing someone's car or loved one?

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. if you grew up riding dirt bikes, i'd say yes. but with your experience, i would strongly advise against it.
  8. +1 Might as well go out with a more impressive bang.

    We are unlikely to sway your descision, but let me put it this way, the tiered license system is in place for a reason. The difference between riding a bike and driving a car is that on a bike your slightest movements affect what the bike is doing, while driving a car, the car doesnt give a damn if you lean over to one side.

    Also riding at your bikes limits will make you a better rider, riding like you are scared of the beast makes you a less competent rider. IMO you need to grow into your little bike, then your big bike you will have an idea of what YOU can do, and make the bike work for you.
  9. thanks for the replys
    i wasnt sayin my car experience counts for anything except my ability to have self control when it comes to hi po machinery:)
  10. if you wanna ride like this :biker: with chick behind you, 600 is the only way to go!
  11. A ZX6 would be the equal of a 6 sec VT. Would you put a learner in that and send them off with a pat on the back?
    My2c worth :)
  12. Too many times. (*,)

    Your showing your age and maturity level quite well. The laws are there for a reason, so why don't you pull your head out of your ass and follow them. Why are you so special that you think your the exception to the rule? Your not even covered for Third Party. You better not crash into anyone I know or care for thats all I have to say. :mad:

  13. Come off it mate. Regardless of what kind, everybody including your perfect self brakes road laws every week, if not every day. Who are you to tell me which ones i can and cannot brake. Get over yourself bro :LOL:
  14. i guess what im trying to get at is......forget about my age for a second.....i know ignorance and lack of respect will get me into shit on a 600 but is inexperience ALONE enough to garuntee trouble.
  15. So you consider say me going 10kmh over the limit the same as you skipping 15 months of a learning process designed to teach you how to operate a bike safely. I don't think so.

    You never answered my question though, what makes you so special you can skip the whole process? :-k
  16. Sure, why not. I've been on my CBR250RR for all but 1200km since I got it and my Ls. I've ridden it about 20 times and I've taken it up Mt. Dandenong (Vic) about 15 times and given it a real good trashing through the twisty bits.

    Just this past ANZAC day I was riding home and was turning right at a round about. I somehow managed to transfer too much weight forward and lightened up the rear wheel while leaned over. I began to give it some gas to accelerate out of the corner and it stepped out on me. Luckily it didn't step out completely and low-side, or worse, grip hard and throw me off. Luckily it wasn't a major thing, it did catch me off-guard and I don't even remember how I managed to keep it upright, except perhaps that I managed to remain balanced and keep my composure.

    I've taken the same roundabout 20 times and fully didn't expect anything out of the ordinary. I want to upgrade to a 600, a K5 GSX-R600 at least, and all I could think off was "Thank Christ I didn't do that on a 600".

    Also, I have a friend who did exactly what you want to do. Except he got himself an R6. He hasn't done anything to hurt himself yet, but I feel that it has a lot to do with the fact that he was able to swap his R6 with a good mate who had a CBR250R during his Ls and probationary period.
  17. I don't care what laws you break or if you're too special to do it properly mate. :)

    It's riding around without 3rd party insurance that makes it a stupid decision. :wink: If you crash into anyone else you'll be replacing their car/bike/gear and any damaged belongings out of your own pocket. Most people (myself included) will have zero sympathy if that means you don't eat. :)

  18. thanks mate most informative post yet....much appreciated
    think i will ride the 250 a few more times before i lay any cash down

  19. Yep!

    Even the most powerful bike is capable of slow riding, the difference is in the rider! A smaller bike is usually more forgiving! What state are you in? In NSW under LAMS laws there are 600's you can ride legally with out going for what is essentially a road legal race bike!

    Whatever your decision you'll either have to live with it or die by it! I hope you become a very old & seasoned rider & good luck with your choice. Not sure the responses you've had, including mine will be of any real benefit in the end
  20. If you ride around without even third party insurance covering you, doesn't that mean that if you kill or maim someone and the family decides to sue you, that could be for thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands .. pretty much whatever a judge deems appropriate? (I don't entirely understand the whole third party thing - I've always just had comprehensive on everything cos I know it covers everything as long as I'm not a twit). And if a judge is the one responsible for you losing such a case, wouldn't they kinda frown upon a blatant disregard for the rules which say you can't have that kind of bike for a certain period of time which means they're more likely to rule in favour of the family whose loved one you killed or maimed and at that, make you pay more than you might've if you were riding something legal?

    Like I said, I don't much understand exactly what not having insurance covering you would do - I've just never thought of not having insurance. But I do know if my thinking above is correct, I sure wouldn't want that to hang over my shoulders forever in a worst case scenario, every time I jumped on the bike, just so's I could have a bit of fun a year earlier. A year's not that long, buddy. Why's it matter if you can get into trouble with a 600 that you're not allowed to ride? The question should be simple.. What am I allowed to ride that I can have fun on, not Can I kill myself on this bike?

    Bloody hell. Times like this I'm glad to be starting to consider myself as adult and responsible.