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600cc+ Commuter and runaround bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by TCShadow, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. I currently ride a GPX 250 and am about to get my Ps...

    I'm 6'2" and about 86kg and look like I'm riding a pocket bike. It also lacks a bit of go off the mark since first gear is a joke for anything other than getting the bike to move.

    I'd like to start thinking about which bike to get for when I'm off my restrictions... I know it's still a while off but meh.

    Anyways I currently commute 15km each way to the city(Sydney) but I won't be doing that anymore once I'm off my restrictions as i'll be quitting my job and going to work a lot closer to home... So really it'll be like a 5km daily runabout and some weekend riding if I feel like it but atm I'm a bit indifferent.

    I'd like to get to maybe a 600 of sorts as I really have no use whatsoever for anythnig bigger and it would be a waste for the riding I do. Can anyone recommend a bike for me?

    I like at least the sort of fairing you get on a GPX... maybe a little less would be ok but I'm just not a fan of naked. Also preffer the sport tourer to sports category rather than tourer or offroad/road hybrid.

  2. yamaha thundercat, honda CBR600F, suzuki GSX750F
  3. the sv looks and sounds p0rn in real life.
  4. GSX650F?
    80hp, EFI,

  5. Ducati Monster 696.
  6. I'm 85 kg myself, and have a ZZR 250. The secret is to dial up between 5000 and 8000 revs and release the clutch to friction point. Hold the clutch at friction point until the bike accelerates to 20-30 kph then release the clutch, and accelerate to 13000 - 14000 revs by which point you will be at 55-60 kph. If the speed limit is 60, then change up three gears. If the speed limit is higher, then shift into second but this time release the clutch fully and throttle on.

    Yes, this will take a toll on the clutch plates and springs, and will result in you burning through a rear tyre in 10,000 km. However, it will grant you a new lease of life on your 250, enable you out-drag most vehicles on the road, and make riding it tolerable until your restrictions end. Remember to check your oil level regularly and the bike will be fine.

    As far as a replacement goes, I think the Kawasaki ER-6f (the faired version) would be ideal. It's a sports-tourer with a sports bias, and has a 650cc parallel twin, giving it decent levels of torque to make city riding a breeze. It's built in Thailand, which doesn't impress me that much, but as a consequence pricing is competitive: Peter Stevens in Melbourne were selling '08 stock for $9070 ride away in January 2009.

    I know a 6'0" bloke who owns one and is happy with it. However, the Suzuki GSX650F as recommended by megaphat would also be something to consider if you are finding ergonomics an issue.
  7. Yeah I have figured out how to get a bit of go from my GPX by revving the shiz out of it but I don't like doing it as the bike doesn't feel like it wants to do it... If that makes sense... I've never liked revving anything in 1st gear too much... I'll do it in 2nd and 3rd but 1st just feels wrong. I used to be the same with my old manual 1980 Celica...

    Kinda feels like I'm revving and revving but only getting a bit of extra performance and it feels like I'm out of the powerband at anything past about 10k... and then it feels unnatural to throw it into second as the revs drop down and it compression breaks on me until I twist the bugger on properly again... Maybe i'm just not doing it right :(

    I can get it going, don't get me wrong but I just feel i'd like to have something a bit torquier and not feel like I'm twisting the nuts off it every time I want a bit more of a go.

    I also feel silly sitting next to a 600+ when he's barely idling and i'm revving at 10k trying to keep up. Not that I'm trying to be a boy racer or anything...
  8. maybe the gpx needs a tune? I'm 85kg and my old gpz250 (the precursor to the gpx250) went like stink. ride an er6 now and its a torquey rascal. not as fast as a full sports bike but gets to licence shredding speeds frightfully quickly.
  9. DR650 with sticky tyres. Dirt cheap, perfect for the tall and, on the daily commute and general running around, it would be hard to have more fun.
  10. It kind of depends what you want from your sports-tourer, but around the 650-700cc mark there's actually lots of choice. My picks would be:

    For an emphasis on touring: Honda NT700V ABS
    For soft offroading and lively performance: Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS
    For a sportier feel: Kawasaki ER-6F
  11. Sounds like yours must have had a turbo :)

    I'd recommend SV as an option too. Er6f as well, but imo they require clipons and an exhaust to be good.
  12. Older (1995 onwards) CBR600F's are a great bike. Sporty with the kind of wind protection you are after, without having a full-on sports riding position that could cause tiredness when commuting.

    They are also extremely reliable and affordable bikes, which is also a factor for most people.

    I'm sure there are newer bikes that will do the job as well if not better, but on a budget the CBR is a great commuter and when you do give it a bit of stick they are damn fast and a lot of fun (I believe the engine is 100hp) with great and forgiving handling.

    Something to consider anyway.