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600cc choice zzr600 v yzf600r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by vOOdsy, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Well it's time for me to purchase my upgrade bike now. Haven't ridden in over 15months and that itch just won't go away.

    Looking to purchase either a zzr600 or the yzf600r. Is there anything I should be wary of with either bikes?

    I'm after a comfortable sports tourer. Nothing fancy, just reliable and comfortable. Last bike was the Spada.

    Looking around the $4k mark, I have all the gear.

  2. Go the YZF - the little ol' 600R impressed the hell out of me. The motor is fantastic - strong and flexible everywhere, and they handle great without crunching you up like a supersport can.
  3. I agree with Loz. The 600R would be a better balanced bike. The ZZR-600's tend to fall on the softer side of sports-touring, with limited ground clearance, and can be a little "mushy".

    That's just my 2c though.
  4. I agree with Loz and Flux and can tell you from personal exp that the 1994 G series is not as good to ride as the later 600R 96 on.

    Parts for either and the zzr600 are not plentiful on the used market, and dealers will stock very little for the YZF600R 96+ and even less for the G series.
  5. I agree with Loz, Flux and Tweet........................no idea about any of the bikes though, just thought I would agree :rofl: :rofl: :bolt:
  6. I personally prefer the look of the YZF600R, but I'm yet to ride either of these models.


    "All I want for christmas is a 600...."
  7. The main trouble with the YZF series is that until they became thundercats, they insisted on using paint jobs that screamed "I AM FROM THE ERA OF M.C. HAMMER!"

  8. Its a shame there aren't many mid capacity fully faired i4 bikes around that aren't all crotch rocket position, anymore. :cry: I saw more developments with cbr600, zzr600 (bring it to aus and give it FI ffs), a detuned r6 (yzf come back please) and gixxer :)
  9. Either bike, in good condition, will be heaps better than either one in shit condition. And there will be a lot of shit ones and few good ones.
  10. I know of 2 ZZ-R600's that have done over 100,000km and still going strong.
    And we are planning to ride one to WA next year. Oh and I'm riding it to a track day in January. :)
  11. My patchy memory tells me that the YZF-600 has as much peak torque as a brand new CBR600, just delivers it lower. That equals a stronger midrange than some modern machines.
  12. kols you are right, the torque of the older yzf600r at midrange revs is the same as the new rr at wring-neck throttle.

    I'm still on my yzf600r- its a beuaty and i'm having trouble parting with it cause it does so much so well. So now i have two bikes (instead of selling the yamaha) My strongest advice is to get the lowest kms as you can- these engines can do over 100k kms but anything over 50k will be getting a bit tired through the mechanicals as they are also getting fairly old.

    PM me if you find one you like the look of... if i can help you i will
  13. Thanks for all the advice folks. The search continues....