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600cc bike wanted, CBR, R6 etc or similar

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by stolly, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. Hi, as the title says, looking for a 600 - something like a CBR, R6 or similar. First bike so not set on any particular model, pretty much open to anything. Nothing over 6k.

  2. Just curious, how are you able to bypass a LAMS bike as your first? Did you get your Ls, get your licence when you could, wait out the restriction period and are now getting a bike?
  3. -Sorry, should have said first bike off my L's. got my L's one week, did the p's course one week later, bypassed my p's and went straight to my unrestricted. did this as a 30 year old 'mature age' rider.
  4. have fun killing yourself! :grin:
  5. Dumb comment.

    Enjoy the new bike whatever you end up with :)
  6. I'm thinking of selling my Triumph Daytona 650, 2005 about 15,000km

    Interested? PM me...
  7. g'day lordtb. what's your e-mail? won't let me send a pm. Cheers
  8. Your an idiot...

    600's are tame if your control your right wrist.
  9. Ive got one for sale in Sydney in the classifieds. Great first 600cc and mechnically, excellent.
  10. Blaringmike,
    Even Litre bikes are though a little more 'respect' and discipline is required when twisting the throttle.
    Totally agree with above answers to havok9's (silly) comment.
    Firstly, not good 'wishing' harm or worse on a fellow rider. Secondly, a very immature comment. Praise or offer constructive advice if needed, not a 'death wish' !
  11. 2000 model K1 GSXR 750 in Sydney - heaps of extras, 11 months (Vic) rego, getting serviced now, new rear tyre etc etc etc
  12. You selling your gorgeous beast, Darkhorse ?
    What's on your mind mate - upgrade ? Fine example of a well-moded Gixer you have.
    Hope you get what you're looking for bud.
  13. Upgrade it is. Looking for something a little newer and lighter, and shorter in the tooth!

    My girlfriend actually rang me the other day and told me that her mate is selling his hardly ridden 999... this from the person who guilts me about every cent spent on the bike! I nearly fell over.

    The gix is in for a service at the mo, getting a BMC air filter to go with the Akra system... Wish you still had yours Nix, I might be in the market very soon.

    Enough hijacking for now anyways... Apologies!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.