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6000km service [feels like a different bike]

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by junglist, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Just got the bike back and was super impressed with how much better it runs. Gear changes are hugely smoother, the power is much better at low - mid revs and the engine runs with much less resistance at high rpms.

    the engine spins so much easier that the engine braking in first is so light that i keep trying to change down further.

    i'll keep a tab on the fuel consumption, but i've got a feeling that itll be much better than the ~280km /14L it's had to date.

    big props to the Inskip Yamaha service guy. he worked wonders on my little honda. :cool:

    now i just need to try and limit my engine braking/rear brake usage because my back tyre has only lasted 7000kms. :/

  2. Wow, that Yamaha guy must be good if he can make a hon-der worth ridin'

    just kiddin'
  3. You should tell this to the people who never service their car/bike and not just keep topping up the oil. They don't understand how much damage they are doing.
  4. I dont think you need to worry about engine braking wearing out your rear tyre. You'd be stretching the chain if that was the case. 7000km may be all thats expected depending on where and how the bike is ridden. What is the tyre?
  5. Check the VIN!!!!!

    Maybe they gave you someone else's bike. :shock:
  6. I'd be guessing he's used a different oil, or perhaps the wrong oil. I wouldnt be pumping him just yet.
  7. Yeah and then expecting us servicemen to make miracles happen on a $200 budget...

  8. The oil listed in the service invoice meets the spec the manual recommends.


    actually they gave me a ton of shit about it being a honda. but i actually thing they are secretly in love with my bike. ;)

    dunlop sportmax II, its pretty terrible. All kinds of cracking going on along the tread groove edges, the centre smooth spots, the sides, etc. I don't push it till the bike is warm and the LAMS legal power shouldn't be stressing a tyre too much anyway.

    the chain is fine so far. It gets checked, cleaned, and lubed regularly.

    i should add that the only reason im getting someone else to do this is for warranty purposes. otherwise i'd be doing all the work myself. I may do as some others here do, and change the oil at a mid-service interval myself in the short term.
  9. My VTR250 had it's 6000km service 2 days ago and I noticed the same things, particularly regarding the smoothness of the engine after the new oil.

    I was amazed at how much smoother the gears were shifting, in fact I would tap the gear lever down so softly I was unsure whether or not I had actually shifted down as usually it requires so much more pressure :shock:, once or twice I'd give it a second kick... and then SLOOOOOOOOOWLY release the clutch 2 gears below where I started :oops:
  10. i'm bout to hit 18000k service, n my rear is probably bordering unroadworthy. :LOL: