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600 v 1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by screwball, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm looking to very soon upgrade my bike from a 250 to a 600, but also tossing about the idea of going straight to a 1000.

    My question: Am I going to get sick of the 600 the way I did with the two-fiddy?

    I've heard people say that a 6 hunge will feel fast to start with, but before I know it, I'll be twisting the throttle to the stop, and beyond to 'make it move'.

    I never hear of this with the big bore bikes... should I just go the whole hog from day 1? Will the 6 hunge tide me over for 18 months (the 250RR did that for 4 weeks)?

    Any comments welcome (provided they're positive :p)

  2. With 1000 you won't be keep thinking of the next upgrade.

    Like me :oops:

    Look for Cathar's R1 video around this place. How nice it is to pull from 2k - 8k rpm :eek:
  3. 600's make great track bikes, easier to control.
    But if your just after a road bike, new 1000cc bikes are very tame when kept down low in the RPM range.
  4. A 600/750 is more then enough for the road, Anyone that buys a 1000cc and doesnt use most of its power is a waste.

    I say get a 600/750 and work on your skill and you'll do just as good as any road going 1000cc...unless of course the rider on the 1000cc is a good rider then either way you've lost.
  5. :blah: ](*,)

    Do we need to do this again?

    You don't even need to use the search function for this one!

    Just scroll down ffs.
  6. I'm also considering this debate as upgrade time approaches...

    I know it's not for everyone, but one of my concerns is that on a 600 you can only really mono in first. I'd like to be able to just power it up in second and coming out of corners occasionaly and to do this i'm thinking i need >600cc ??

    btw - I'm looking at early 2000 bikes (let's say ~8k budget)
  7. Or you carry a pillion regularly. A 1000 eats a 750 for lunch 2 up!
  8. That's a blasphemy ... everyone needs more power :eek:
  9. Thanks for the above thread mentions, I have read two of the three but neither really answer my question except 1 (and that was a single opinion) which is:

    Will I tire of a 600/750 too fast?
  10. I got tired of my 600 in one year.

    Honestly these things needs to be revved very hard to get it going, need to maintain corner speed (=dangerous).
  11. Yeah, powerful bikes make the balance for people who have no riding skill.

    Oh yeah im talking inline sport bikes, v-twin 1000cc are about as power as a inline 6 but with more torque.

    If a 600/750 can't pull you and your pillions weight maybe some people need to go on a diet.
  12. Have you ridden anything bigger than a 250?
  13. how is anyone going to know whether YOU will tire of a 600 too fast?
    Only you, or someone who knows you really really well, can answer that.

    some people tire of 600's quickly.
    some people don't
    everyone is different.
  14. Yes agree, inline-4. My 600 keeps up with 1000 v-twin at about 220kph. I think the vtwin is faster about 5 to 10kph.
  15. Go the 900-1000 option simple,if u cut a peice too small its hard to make it the same size.If u got extra then u got it all
  16. Yer, Im hardly ever on a 250cc, although i like riding them.
  17. OK, point 1, there is no need to be rude.
    I have ridden a 750, 800 and now the Bandit 1250. The reason I bought the bigger bike was for the comfort two up touring, that you WILL NOT get from a 600-750. Tell you what, get some experience and then talk to us. :cool:
  18. Im not being rude, im being truthful.

    What so your saying you can't do touring with a pillion on a 600/750 and be comfortable, pfft. Touring on a 600/750 with a pillion would be easy you just have to choose the right bike! You will be in higher revs but from my posts before i wasn't talking about tourers but more about sports bikes, which is pretty clear because of the title of the thread "600 v 1000".
  19. Thats why I upgraded. Thats why most tourers are 1000+ cc. It gives you easier / more comfortable power delivery, a sommother ride and much much more.
    Have you ever compared the two? I have. Talk to some serious tourers, then comment.