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600 Sporty sexy twins?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kyba274, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Ive caught the bug,
    the bigger bike bug.

    I hopped on my friends cbr250rr and had a blast, and then was really disappointed to get back on my little ninja 250. It felt totally gutless! Apparently the cbr has quite a few more horses running around inside.
    Needless to say, i feel a deep yearning to get a bigger bike with a more sporty riding posture and quite a few more grunty sweaty horses packed into it.

    Since I like the sound of the twins more than the 4's, im looking for a sporty twin around 600cc... but i have no idea where to start looking.

    Can anyone recommend some sexy sporty twins? they have to be good looking aswell. with blonde hair and some nice jugs.

  2. Ducati? Suzuki?
  3. Nice jugs? Get a Triumph Street Triple :p
  4. The triumph 3 cyl engines are a blast.
  5. I concur!!!

    STriple's are HAWT!!

    Just don't get a Sprint as it will morph into Charlie the unicorn when it goes across Bass Strait :)
  6. Clearly the Gladius should also be on this list.
  7. er6n. fun little thing
  8. Some options

    Sporty types:
    Ducati 748/848 (if the budget allows)
    Triumph Daytona 675 (triple) - Even better, get a Street Triple!! lol

    Naked bikes (maybe you prefer naked jugs???):
    Street Triple
    Ducati Monster 696
    Aprilia Shiver (750cc, but being a twin, sorta compares with a 4cyl 600, power wise)

    Not sure what else falls into the sexy category.... I think the list above does, but some will disagree and have their own list.

    Other than what you mentioned, do you have any more criteria (eg: rough price range)?
  9. Sorry, but Gladius is not sexy. I think you meant the SV650s.

    Looks are subject to opinion.... my opinion.
  10. SV650
    Ducati 696 monster

    But bugger those, get a street triple.
  11. No, I meant the SFV650.
  12. KTM Duke 690. Phwaaaar!
  13. +1 single ftw. its overpriced though.
  14. My yellow, curvy SV650s ticks all the boxes
  15. since your talking about the "speed" of a cbr250 :-s i assume you are on restrictions.

    options are sv650, duc monster (648 i think), hyo gt650. Personally the duc is definently the go, reasonable well priced these days as well.

    p.s. never put speed and cbr250 in the same sentence, i will start a petition to have you banned for life from NR!!!!
  16. the cbr250rr felt like a far bigger bike compared to the ninja250, and ive never ridden anything else really...

    Im looking for something faired, and the street triple is a tad too expensive. The student budget only really allows for something under 10,000. Id never get a hyosung, and the duc monster aint faired.
    The er6f looks good too, but the position looks more upright than id prefer... im looking for something quite forward and low, while im still young and fit enough to enjoy it.

    Im thinking i may perhaps just go with a generic 4cylinder sporty like the r6 or the zx6r, and wait till im older and can afford a ducati...

    So whats the difference between the r6, zx6r, and the suzuki 600 4cyclinder version?
  17. Keep in mind the cbr250 you loved was a 4cyl anyway
  18. sorry mate I assumed wrong on the restrictions thing

    this is extremely subjective when you discuss what the difference is between the jap 4's.

    You really must ride them yourself and make judgement. After riding them all though i like the ninja's (especially the 636) based on the riding position and power delvery, the suzuki has a cult like following and does feel nice, the r6 i found did not excel in any department but was overall good (and i got mine at well below the market price). ive had my r6 for a few years and it still pus a grin on my face. Be wary of the newer model r6's they are not easy to ride on the road, they run quick... but only once your high in the rev range.
  19. Supersports list is:
    ZX6R (or 636 going back a couple of years)
    GSXR600 or 750(?)
    or even Daytona 675 - should be able to find a used one under $10k by now.

    The i4s are all very similar, and as above the differences come down to a balance of personal preferences on the details - or what's available at the time. The 'Tona is triple, so more torque and different feel to the motor, but generally more expensive, parts availability not quite as easy, and tall seat compared to most others. Ripper of a bike though, and I'm thinking of buying one soon.

    Any of them will blow that CBR away quite comfortably.

    For REALLY sporty mid-sized twins you'd have to go back to a Duc 748/749, and even then not many under $10k. The SVs and ERf are both good though, so have a look around, see what you like the feel of.
  20. Thanks darkhorse for the info.
    The daytona is indeed a very sexy bike. Tis a tad expensive for my pocket though.

    Im gonna go to a few motorbike shops and sit around on a few different 600's, and perhaps even testride a few.
    Ive been looking on Bikesales.com, and it seems that ray quinceys used motorcycles is a good dealer to go for cheaper 2nd hand bikes... gonna check that place out during the week.

    Thanks for the help guys.