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600 sports bike to CB1000R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by v-petn, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just curious if anyone here has upgraded from a super sports bike to a cb1000R? If so, I'm curious on how it feels?

    I'm a small guy, 167cm tall and weight about 60kg... I can handle my 03 r6 fine.. a bit tall but not a big deal. I notice that the cb1000r is really heavy, like over 200kgs... Do you think that it would be a massive difference between the 2? Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. Ride one!
  3. Well I would love too but would like some opinion on it first before I take the risk.. if it's too heavy and I can't handle it for example... don't want to be paying $2000 excess when I don't have too!
  4. All the weight is low down, it really doesn't feel like 220kg's. Its a pretty compact bike.
  5. I found the CB1000R a very easy and manageable bike to ride, I'm 6' though, so not sure how different it would be for a smaller person.
  6. thanks for the replies....

    I'm getting old and commuting on the R6 is the pain in the ass... looking for something more comfortable... On the R6 the handle bar is very low and my hands go numb after a while... I'm looking for something a little more upright but without going overboard.
  7. my ride is a zx6, but i've ridden friends 07 and 09 cbr1000s
    the 07 really felt big and heavy. the 09 did not feel anywhere near the 07, and was pretty close in feel to my zx6. i'm 6' so didnt have height issues, but in terms of weight, 09 was very close to the 600
    body positioning is also much more upright than would be for yr 600
  8. He said CBR1000R, not CBR1000RR - and there is no '07!
  9. fixed

    my bad!
    read it as cbr, not cb
    carry on!
  10. As long as the seat height is the same or lower than your R6 then you'll be fine + you'll have more leverage with the higher bars on the honda
  11. Its a pretty mean bike... rode one when i was looking to upgrade from my 250, riding position was alright but didnt suit me, felt too far forward but in an awkward way (for me) and i didnt like the display. Handle Bars are good for leverage though as stated above. Also, it had an aftermarket exhaust... that thing sounded MEAN!!!!!! i just wanted to rev it all day long... nearly wet myself the first time i heard it.
  12. I'd suggest test riding a later FZ1N as well.
  13. thanks guys... yeah I will try the FZ1 too... when people say the weight of the bike is lower than that of a sport bike. does that mean it's feels lighter to move around at slow speed?
  14. Once the wheels start moving, you don't feel the weight (not me, anyway).
  15. I've seen the CB1000R described as 'effortless'.
  16. 'Effortless' is the right word. Gear changes are pretty much the smoothest I've ever encountered, steering is light and easy, power is extremely linear (no notable top-end rush or low down pull, just smooth, linear power everywhere).
  17. Kwaka Z1000 - Just to help your decision that much more tougher!! ;)
  18. Went from an R6 to a FZ1N. Love it, the weight isn't a problem.
  19. i went from a 250 to a cb1000r, as long as you respect your right hand its a very easy transition. riding position takes a little while to get used to.