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600 Sport bike as a daily?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by RJ45, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I am currently riding a GPX250 to and from work... it's been a great bike very reliable, fun and taught me a lot.

    Anyways in a few months time... i should be able to get off my P's and i am considering to buy a 600 sport bike something like a R6 or a CBR600...

    just wondering what these bikes are like as a daily? because i noticed that the riding position is lurched forward and hunched down.

    Are they tolerable for the daily commute? (i do about 35k's everyday~)
  2. Yep.

    I've used a FZR1000 as a daily up to Nov last year, when I added
    the FZR600 to the stable for the daily duties, thats from 1987 (bought
    the 1000 new) up to present day.
  3. They're fine, ive been using the 600 to go from scoresby to flemington everyday since i got it about a month ago.
  4. Depends on the model and year. The cbr600F3 is a super comfy yet rather sporty ride. I believe they carried that on through the F4 and part of the F4i series. Then the 600 went out and out sports. The 07 onwards models becomes more comfortable.
  5. My commute is only about 15km each day but I could easily double or triple that without probs.
  6. I use an 05 R6 as my daily…
    About 25 mins each way
    Love it.
    At first the higher COG gave me the $hits, but once I got used to the weight distribution, it became a blast.
  7. '08 Daytona 675 Daily.

    Now only doing 10km tops total for the 'commute' but was previously doing 180km a day 5 days a week. Add to that social rides, traveling mostly everywhere on it etc.

    Yep, no problems, now.

    When I first got it I had right wrist problems, that was coming from a fairly upright bike (zzr-250). I swapped my throttle tube to a 1050 tube which removes all the slack and sideways 'wanking' movement of the tube. Since then I've had absolutely no issues with my wrist. I also at the time added a throttle aid (those paddle things that sit on the outside of your throttle tube), but since the pain left my wrist I find myself gripping the throttle again and not using the throttle aid all that much.

    In summary, no problems.