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600 running costs

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by weelz, May 23, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    Hope you can help. I'm thinking of getting my first bike in 7yrs to commute - 20km highway, 10km city. I want combo of upright, light, fastish, fun, reliability.

    600 hornet ($11500 ride away)
    gsr600 ($9990 ra)
    dl650 (9990ra)
    street triple

    Will try before buy but what I'd like to know is how running costs compare -km/100l, insurance, servicing, spare parts etc

    If anyone has any info or experience, let me have it

  2. Street triple! Sexy styling and fat torque curve for the win :)
  3. They'll all fit the bill, with the tripple being the more expensive to run and buy obviously.

    All reliable as far as I know and fuel efficiency will be very similar. If you want the absolute best possible fuel economy then the er6 will probably win :)
  4. agreed

    street triple is favourite with heart, but head is baulking at over $12k on the road.

    Probably is $2k better than gsr600/sv650/er6 etc. which is ok, but if running costs are much higher, it'll wind up being way over $2k more in a few years, and with the way costs are going maybe i'll have to go with the more economical choice.

    I know i'm a weak willed, lilly-livered lightweight but I'm no2 in my marriage(no 4 if you count the kids) so have to justify this buy on economic grounds.

    cheers fellas
  5. Street Triple running costs are not high at all. Anyone who says otherwise is uninformed and just speculating.

    10,000km service intervals, unlike the 6,000km intervals on many of the Jap bikes. Minor service (10K, 30K, 50K, etc) costs $220-250 all up. Major service (20K, 40K, 60K, etc) will cost $400 plus consumables.
    OEM oil filters are $15
    Consumable service items (brake pads, filters, etc) cost the same as on Jap bikes

    Typical fuel consumption would be around 5.5L/100km for commuting duties. Expect 7L/100km if having fun in the twisties. 4.5L/100kms if you're riding conservatively.

    For your stated goals, the Street Triple would be the pick of the bunch for maximum fun and minimum compromise. It can lap tracks as fast as a GSX-R600 if you want it to, and yet is comfortable enough to commute all day on. If your budget can stretch to it, it'd be a no brainer.
  6. if you haven't ridden for 7 years choose the one that's least likely to try and kill you
  7. ?

    that'd be the car then :wink:
  8. <"at least do a refresher course">

    that's probably a good idea

    <"if you haven't ridden for 7 years choose the one that's least likely to try and kill you">

    Now i'm not pretending to be a good rider but i'm no newbie either and I would have though death was as likely on one as another. All are commonly mentioned as good progression bikes for new(returning) riders so best to go with the bike that'll keep an improving rider happy longest :p

    Original question was to find out if any bike has a particular advantage/disadvantage cost wise to buy and run(petrol/insurance/service etc)

    and I do appreciate any input

  9. I only know the sv650 and the er6 (I ride an er6) and they are both easy to ride. the er6 is 4-5 litres per 100k depending on how hard I go. got the er6 because its a newer engine & design.

    I did a training course on the old hornet 600 and thought it was a good bike too.