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60 Degrees - Roadcraft Part 1

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by chicken78, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. My total ride time from gaining my Learners is 5 months(if you know me, yes, the maths don’t add up, there was an enforced break), on restrictions now, and have clocked up 10,000klm on the hyo. I have put myself into as many different environments ie freeways, highways, peak hour traffic, CBD, the hills, dirt roads and in many varied weather patterns(except snow, I hate white stuff! unless of course Im in the pub watching from the inside out)

    But as with anything, we hit walls in our progress. Ive had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people lately in the motorcycling world. Their passion and mere love of motorcycling is inspiring and completely contagious, so, began the next step in motorcycling;

    Sixty Degrees Motorcycles – Roadcraft – Part 1

    $150 Monthly Saturdays(Monthly) from 12-5.30pm

    A number of people have asked me to run through what I learnt on the day. Ive chosen not to go into detail specifically as a) Im still learning b) Not my position to do this.

    Ive noticed a substantial differance in my riding already, its safer and smoother by using the techniques taught, Im less fatigued (which means I can ride longer :D) and more aware, focused and loving every minute of it!.

    So, instead I’ve decided to briefly outline the course and its importance not just too new riders but those who are looking to develop skills, improve riding techniques, identify and overcome challenges that you may have when riding.

    Kat & Luke are experienced & passionate about what they do, they have developed the on road course which is completely unique in what it offers and how it’s delivered. With a group of 6 students and 2 instructors, the group is small, focused and provides opportunity for the instructors to help riders target specific issues in the classroom followed by on road training.

    Whats covered? –

    Bike preparation – i.e. safety checks – Nobody look at my chain please!

    Poor instinctual Reactions – And believe me I had a few!

    Throttle & Brake – Hyo and I are working on this aspect of our relationship, I want one thing, he wants the complete opposite, must work with hyo not against ;)

    Cornering & Vision – ie body positioning, turn in points, quick turns and counter steering. Because there is vision then there is VISION!

    Hazard/Risks Management – Hazard avoidance, ie Planking wombats (They do plank mid corner!)

    I could rant on about the course all day.

    The course is unique in approach, depth and delivery. Believe me it is the best money and time you will spend, however what you will gain from Kat & Luke is priceless helping you become a safer and better skilled rider.

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  2. Planking wombats!!!!!! I have to do this course.

    Seriously folks, if you want to learn what the experienced know about riding on the roads, this is the only course. It's in real time, it's in a real environment, and it's run by really experienced road riders.

    You can either read it about here, or you can go and learn it there. The mind will only accept what it's ready for. If you're ready to be a better rider, then you're ready for this.
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  3. Planking wombat occured prior to course, but dealing with such things is covered ;)
  4. Hey Chicken! top feed back. I intend to get my do the course in November if there are pots available.
  5. How did you all go?
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    I did the 60 degrees maintanence course in Thursday night and it was excellent for a noob like me to help save some money in servicing,care for my bike and most of all might save my life.
    A few of the folk there had done the road craft course and said it was worth every cent.So I am going to sign up as soon as possible.Being a noob I really want to learn how to control and master my bike instead of relying on blind faith.
  7. It was Fan bloody tastic Chicken.

    Things made sense.

    Things got better.

    and the advice was fantastic I now have the tools to practice these skills now that they make sense.
  8. +1 what he said ^^^
  9. I did the Sixty Degrees Roadcraft Part 1 on 12/11/11.
    I have only been riding since March this year and would recommend this course to any other new riders out there.
    The reason I say this is we tend to forget that we are only taught the bare minimum under the legislation to pass our Learners and Licence Test. I had never ridden a bike before and had my learners and a 500cc bike inside a week and had never gone over 50k’s but I was legally allowed to hit the roads.
    The theory components of this course are broken down into digestable chunks and explained in terms a novice can understand. Feedback and questions are encouraged and time is taken to ensure you have taken in what has been explained. You are provided with a Course Participation Handout which allows you at each interval to take your own notes and what is being taught out on the ride. Hell they ever carry the clipboards and pen for you !
    I will list just a few of the things I got out of doing this course.
    1. Throttle Control – easy techniques that make a world of difference to your riding
    2. Cornering – one of my biggest challenges to date. The theory is where this all makes perfect sense but being able then to jump on your bike and hit a variety of corners and bends and put that theory into practice is brilliant. You practice what you have been shown and assistance is given whilst you are riding and feedback given once you stop again. I am already cornering with better lines at better speeds and with more confidence.
    3. Vision – This covers everything from open road riding to blind corners. This section of the course will save your life
    4. Relaxing when you ride. – Knowing when you are not and what you can do about it. Fatigue reduction can only be a good thing!

    The course is run in a safe friendly and fun environment. There is a lot of information to take in (that’s why you take notes!) This course gives you a solid foundation to build on and will give you the tools to go out and practice and make yourself a better, more confident and safer rider.

    I have written this from the perspective of a new rider however all riders can benefit from this course.

    Thanks Sixty Degrees for providing a practical course of this nature as I am noticing improvements in my riding already.