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60 Degrees - Level 1 Rider Training

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by haksu, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. So where do I start...
    This year I've crashed a Ninja 250 at Broadford, breaking my right wrist in the process and I've written off a brand new 2009 ZX6R in front of a McDonalds in the city at 20km/h, breaking nothing except my pride and confidence as a rider (and two bikes as well).
    Both accidents were products of my own fault, there was nothing wrong with the bike. The first accident was because I was overeager on the throttle and the second was a combination of poor throttle control and cold tyres on a wet surface.

    Suffice to say, I've been pretty hard on myself for the last few months trying to get my head in order - doubting my capability at both the top and bottom end of the speedometer due to my variety of crashes. Clearly there are some fundamentals I'm just not doing well enough and some things I just need to work on in order to become a better rider.

    My options for training were;
    1) Suck it up princess and ride
    2) California Superbike School (again, I did L1 on the 250 over 15 months ago)
    3) Some form of rider training on a track

    I've been mentioning my uncertainty on the bike to Luke and Kat at 60 Degrees in Notting Hill for a while now and they've stepped up to help. Don't let the fact that it's a workshop, retail shop and community hang out type place (good words yes) fool you. Luke has over 17 years of riding experience and Kat has 30. Anyone who's seen them ride knows what I'm on about. Anyway, I've been mentioning my predicament for a while and voila, up comes Level 1 Rider Training. We just finished up not long ago and I thought it'd be important I say something about my experience.

    The training was conducted entirely out on the road in the hills. Learning on a track at HART, Stay Upright or California Superbike School is great but conducted almost exclusively on a track where surface conditions are ideal with no bumps or gravel and no distractions like cars. This is proper training in an environment where you can benefit immediately. Having done California Superbike School before, I was able to transfer alot of that knowledge across, but not entirely. It was also really cheap - at $125 for 6 hours of tuition that's a bargain. Plus it's on the road so there's no fear of insurance being null.

    The group today was 5 of us and Luke & Kat so it was a nice almost one to one affair. There was roughly 30-40 minutes of riding then 10-20 minutes of discussing and briefing about exercises covering everything from hazard avoidance and target fixation through to tip in points and body position/posture. A massive focus today was throttle control and how to be smooth with it - being smooth with a throttle on a track is not quite the same about how to be smooth on the road. Some of this, I had already known/read about but having it explained to you about a corner you would see every day is a different story. Some of what was taught, absolutely revolutionised my riding and I applied it with great success immediately. Everyone had a great day, riding within speed limits and without any pressure whatsoever. This was never meant to be about being fast, it was emphasised that the objective was smoothness. Being smooth in riding, as skill and experience improves the quickness just comes naturally. What a great 6 hours though with blue skies! This was followed up with a nice visit to the pub for a counter meal afterward :)

    I think the name "Level 1" is a bit misleading. There was a variety of skill levels present today and I think we all learned and benefited in different ways. I can honestly say in just one day I feel I've mended a very big wound that I may have not ever fixed or fixed only in a very long time by my own volition.

    If you feel like you need some help progressing as a rider whether it be as a learner or need some confirmation about your ability in the fundamentals please really do consider doing this training. I've been riding for 2 years and am glad I did this now because I'm not going to spend another 2 or 3 years riding with poor and potentially dangerous technique.

    Thanks for reading.

    * Unit 2, 26 Howleys Road, Notting Hill, Victoria, 3148
    * Phone: (03) 9562 6603
    * Email: info@sixtydegrees.com.au
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  2. was Kat hot ?
  3. thanks..will ask them about it when im in there next :)
  4. She's smokin hot, alas Luke is much bigger than i am :(
  5. Thanks for the write-up haksu and congrats on taking your riding to the next level - good on you!

  6. Definitely do it. Pretty much anyone who isn't a genius or amazing at riding can benefit. There was some stuff about body position/weight management I never considered before.

    Definitely a good looking lady. Luke isn't too bad either haha

    Thanks KN, it's really been a difficult mental barrier to overcome plus my speed was developing faster than my skillset. I'm glad I was man enough to seek assistance rather than develop my skills in a lopsided fashion.
  7. Well done - +1 for knowing when to seek assistance! I only live down the road from those guys - based on your write-up I am seriously considering getting some coaching as well.

  8. Absolutely, just spend 5 minutes talking with either Luke or Kat and you'll quickly realise what they have to offer. Plus the good thing about the course is that if you have something you want to know that hangs off the subject areas you can discuss it there. Although there was no major emphasis body position on the day, I asked some questions and was able to apply it on top of what we were learning. It's very much a 'make what you want of it' type approach which I loved!
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  10. Yeah that's how I looked at it as well. I think newish riders will benefit across the board and more experienced riders will identify and choose what is useful to them. Plus it's always great as a mechanism to confirm that what you are doing is correct.
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  12. I've aslo posted all their upcoming things in VIC events
  13. Months on, practicing all the things taught has helped me overcome some negative feelings caused by a few offs. I still recommend this course to anyone, struggling or not :)
    I was able to return to Broadford and overcome my fears of the track after breaking my wrist last year thanks to their guidance.
  14. Thanks WolfishGrin and Holster as I think I might get along to this.
    You don't have to wear leathers like a track event do you?
  15. Full leathers aren't required at all, it's classroom and road based training.

    My personal opinion though is that if you are turning up to a roadcraft course focusing on skills and safety it would be a good idea to put in some bike gear (ie. min kevlar jeans/ boots / jacket / gloves etc.)
  16. Cool have emailed them to book me in for 26/2.

    Hols mostly am atgatt but just don't have leathers, as track/drag strip don't let you on without leathers wasn't sure.
  17. Paid and booked for 26/2, looking forward to it. See you then Zorbey if I don't catch you before.
  18. I'm booked in on 26th Feb also. Looking forward to catching up with some fellow Netriders.

  19. This one is gunna be a pure netrider day, I've signed up for 26/02 aswell...
  20. I'm in too... :) Couldn't get a spot for my bro though :( so if anyone bails please let me know.