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6 cylinder bike! What the??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Was riding behind this bike, looked 70s or 80s, and it had six pipes sticking out the back! I thought "what the hell? Surely it must be some weird cosmetic thing or like a 2 into 6 freak exhaust." Then I went past it checking the engine out and sure enough - six headers!!

    Anyone have any idea what it is??

  2. Could have been a Valkyrie. Has a flat 6.


    Also I think one of the Honda tourers has 6 cylinders (ST1300?)
  3. 6 Cylinder bikes

    Could have been a Kwaka Z1300???? Definitely a 6 cylinder but unsure of the exhaust.
  4. That's probably more than likely what the OP saw. Definitely more 70's - 80's than my suggestions.

    Also goes to show 6 cylinder bikes aren't that much of an oddity.
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  6. :lastyear: :p

    they've been around for some time ;)
  7. i think honda had a 6-cylinder 250cc works racer at some point (1966-7ish?) that lord god almighty mike hailwood himself rode. honda still make a lot of awful flat-sixes. the cbx1000 "crank-snapper" is rare, but probably still about a bit. i havent ever seen a benelli 6 in person, but im told theyre impressive
  8. [IMG:800:600:27804dfd5f]http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r100/HornetPics/Tamworth%20Museum/S3000201.jpg[/img:27804dfd5f]

  9. [img:700:454:359522620d]http://www.hornet600.danteswebhosting.com/Mike_Hailwood_1967.jpg[/img:359522620d]
    Is that Snapey taking it easy?
  10. My ex and i owned a cbx 6, was such a smooth engine and beautiful to ride. we had 6 into 2 system on it. the original honda system rusted very quick and it had 2 sets of pipes before the 70 thous mark. that was back in the day when most bikes saw 100 thous kays quite often. not like now, ooohh its done 40 thous, its old . :) ive noticed the enthusiasts are putting 6 into 6 on them now, never really saw that when they first came out. looks to busy imho.
  11. Of course there are custom built 6 cylinder bikes out there too, like this GSX:
  12. I think I had some pics of that engine, plus some other hybrids too, jd, but I've lost them and thread about them now points to empty space! Amazing ingenuity, though, like the guy in the US who grafted an extra pot onto a Kawa triple two-stroke to make a four-cylinder version.....
  13. It looks just like the one in the black and white photo!! Crazy looking thing. I saw it again this morning and i swear I saw a Honda wing badge on the tank???
  14. Yeah it was a CBX1000:



    There's an owners' club that brings out a few mint examples to the HART Ride For Life days. Intimidating, f*ck-off engines but I dunno I'd trust it to handle!
  15. They raced 'em in the Castrol Six Hour, Loz :shock:
  16. There is a guy who live near me that has one of these(or something very simmilar). The first time I saw it, I had to look twice.
  17. That's a custom Valkyrie.... Here's one that's closer to stock - and a grey haired twerp.

  18. then theres the V8 bikes :) good old 3fiddy Chev meets 2 wheels.

    The Thunderrod
    Engine: 350 Chevrolet, 355 HP ZZ4
    Speed: 1000 RPM @ 25 MPH; 6000 RPM @ 150 MPH
    Gas Tank: 12 Gallons
    Cooling System: Aluminum Radiator
    Carburetor: 45 MM Weber Sidedraft with Modified Venturi & Manifold
    Wheelbase: 79.5"
    Weight: 984 lbs (dry)
    Tires: Metzler Rear:15x200 MM
    Metzler Front:16x130 MM
    Fork: 4" Over Tubes
    Castings: 8 Aluminum Castings Designed by Thunderbolt
    Patent Pending: Frameless Design

    Boss Hog 350c http://www.bosshoss.net/view_bike.asp?x=BHC3ZZ4SS


    and the Boss Hog bored and stroked 502 http://www.bosshoss.net/view_bike.asp?x=BHC3502

  19. Oh dear god they're hideous!!