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5th Gen VFR 800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Samboss260, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Any comments or feedback on the 5th Gen VFR800's? This isfrom 1998 to 2001.

    From what I have read they are a good bike with the only issues being not so great fuel consumption, and potential electrical issues with the reg heating up and going, making the battery flat.

    I'm thinking this could be a good sports tourer, being fully faired and a more upright riding position.

    I need to go sit on one, but the seat height seems ok. Just need to see if how low the handle bars are.

    So any comments?

    I'll be coming of a GPX 250 and do mostly weekend rides out in the country with the odd ride around the twisties.
  2. I've heard that a LOT of people put handle bar / risers on to make the sitting position more upright to make them even more comfortable.
  3. Go to VFRWorld and see what the members there have to say about the Gen 5.
  4. Yeah, have read that a little too. Even some bikes on bikesales have risers installed. And the price point seems good too. 6 to 7 grand for a bike with 20,000 to 30,000 kms.
  5. Problem is, by going there of course you are going to get biased reviews.
  6. Not so. - The guys there are actually pretty even-handed. Sure, they love their VFRs but they will also tell you what they don't like about them and how you can rectify it.
  7. Only people who like them will give you feedback here, too.

    I've got a '95 750 and it's as close as possible to the Swiss Army knife motorcycle..
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  8. Ok will check it out
  9. Fair call.
  10. double post
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    double post
  12. If it's in decent order, it'll do you well.

    The 5th Gen went a bit more upright and comfy so you might find the ride position just fine.
  13. I regularly do 600+km days on the 750 with no discomfort, and I'm old.....
  14. Well, I put a deposit on a 98 model with 52k kms on it. Inspect it in a few weeks and if its as good as what they say it is, I'll then hand over the cash.

    Stay tuned to see what happens next.
  15. you'll notice the difference between it and the GPX lol
  16. Ya think???!!!!

    It'll be like learning to ride all over again !
  17. Last of the gear driven cams, that is the one that i would buy now.

    I had a 1990 with over 170000kms on it when I sold it.

    Although I always wanted a 1995 as I remember going looking a bike and the seller had just updated to a brand new (at the time) 1995 VFR750 in Red and Black and I have always lusted after them.

    The reg/rec crap out on them all, ask if that has been done lately.
  18. When I get my whole bike repainted to match the one new panel I had to buy, it will be red and black......:)
  19. I'm getting it from a dealer, and they wouldn't know. So I have a few months to sort the bike out before I get my opens, and the reg/rec issue is on the list to resolve. That and a few mods to personalise the bike too.

    All in all, very excited and can't wait to get it home. Should have it in a few weeks.
  20. Well, the bike is red with black wheels. Looks better than the silver ot chrome ones that I have also seen.