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58 Days

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Quivorir, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. 58 Days it took, to break down the wall. Not the best I know but I was playing around trying to get the medals and challenges too. Whats your record?

  2. Oh god dammit. So it begins.
  3. Think I managed 32 days for the story mode, and current best for classic mode is 23 days (though that included completing every challenge). Bored with it now though, already won all the bonus medals.
  4. Gets a lot easier the third time around
  5. damn you...sir
  6. Lol, nice.:alien:
  7. And now to set the bar for classic mode:
  8. jd you bastard, what's your dream combo? As in what items do you use? I can't get less than 27 days in story mode, let alone 16
  9. Can't remember exactly what I used for the 16 day run, but usually it's something along the lines of:
    Sled: I start with the first one, upgrade at some point to the Mark II version, then hold out for the bobsled (by which time I've upgraded the ramp enough to make it worthwhile
    Glider: I start with the kite, then the old glider, then the blue glider - then it's either the green glider or the more expensive ultralight
    Propulsion: I don't bother with the cheaper option, but start with the sugar rocket, then pulsejet, and finally the thor.
    Payload: Basically needs to be upgraded with each new target.
    And obviously upgrade the ramp and fuel along the way.

    Best approach for distance seems to be first finding the optimum speed for each glider. After launching hold an angle of climb that will maintain this speed with the rocket going flat out, and when out of fuel just keep adjusting the glide angle to maintain the speed. I then dive on the furthermost target I'm likely to hit.
  10. Sounds pretty much exactly what I've been doing, although I've been favouring a really low flight just above the ground to get the destruction bonuses, so haven't been upgrading ramp height or anything at all. It's quite impressive with full ramp length, bobsled, and the $7500 glider, the big grey one. Change the angle on the ramp to be almost flat and it takes off so fast you're through the first two obstacles within a couple seconds
  11. Oh man, full Omega gear is absolutely nuts! Still can't beat 25 days but I can't stop playing anyway. Nearly got everything in the bonus shop fully upgraded, maybe I'll be able to crack 20 days fully upgraded. How you did it in 16 the second try is mind boggling, I've played probably thirty games at least