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55kg Male seeking 600cc+ Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DUK35, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys - I'm sick of looking around for the right bike. Cos the right bike is somehow too heavy for me to handle (parking - managing)

    and really- I dunno what weight class I should be looking at. any idea's for a next upgrade? or are there anyone here they weights more or less my weight who can give me some pointers or share their experience?

    I want a BlackBird but that ain't gonna happen lol
    (Tweet Steve Dan-chee Browny, u've convinced me on the 'Bird without having to say anything much hehe)

    Duff did suggest I goto Maccas and eat there till I gain the weight I need to handle a big bike.

    I'm looking for anything - I'm open for all ideas and I have no preference.

  2. 55kg!?!?!?!!?

    Dude, my left nut weighs that much if I go away from the missus for a few days.

    I don't see what the problem is though - I thought most sportsbikes were made for midget jockeys. Get a gixxer6 or 7 and go bananas!
  3. How old should this little lady be? and how tall are you?

    If you are looking for a brand spanker then she is not going to be the same as if you want a 5 year old bike.
  4. 55kg's that's right! I weight as much as a Chinese Circus act lol
    yeah the usual Gsxer, R6, Ninja 6R are suitable

    any sportourers that are around that range?

    I got the Nakeds covered: Ducatti Monster, S2,
    Street Triple...
  5. ZZR600 has a nice low seat height.

    This seems very biased, but sv650 and sv650s are quite accommodating for shorter riders. Get a blue one and we'll start a posse :LOL:

    Yeah so I'd jump on google and look for reviews for:
    -Duc 620ie
    -Kwak er6f/n (another low seat height one, and high bars for all day comfort)
    -Whatever others add
  6. duke........try a 600 hornet......there is a good one for sale somewhere on netrider..............or eat more pizza's.

    No wait, that'll only make ya fatter and won't grow ya legs longer:LOL: :LOL:

    check out the scooters :LOL: :LOL:

    SV650 :twisted:
    ZZR600 :twisted:

    Very Nice !!!!!!!!

    yeah man - You Me on blue SV's - we'll stay at the back of every Group Ride ;)

    (only the cool people stay as the end tail of the group rides haha)
  8. What a bout a CBR600RR they are light and small.
  9. Bike weight is only an issue at low speed and very low at that. As long as you can touch the ground you should be ok.
    I say find a bike you like and see if it fits you regardless of the weight.

    A lot of women ride bigger bikes so you should find one thats manly enough no problem. :grin:
  10. Hisako (The Japanise girl who was over for the GP) wouldn't have been much diferent in stature to you, (couldn't tell she was on the back of my bike when I was pillioning her around)
    She rides a ZRX12 back in Japan.
  11. yeah the idea of "weight isn't an issue when you get going" is true and practically anyone can ride whatever size/weight bike they want.
    But I commute on my bike aswell. That's alot of going and stopping at lights, Filtering, Parking (more like cramming it where possible lol) and just alot of activities that involve control of the bike at very low speeds and/or physically moving the bike around.

    There might be a chance where I'll park the bike somewhere on a slight slope and/or need to back the bike up in a 'non straight line' matter trying to get it to park somewhere so it's 'legit'
    When that happens I'd like to know that I can help myself to retrieve the bike without having to call the muscles to help me with my bike :p
  12. I'm 5'8" and weight only about 64kilos. I managed my CBR600F fine and the VFR took about 3 days to get used to the extra weight. It would be daunting at first but you really get accustomed to how heavy it is.

    If you got one of the new, lighter than a postage stamp CBR600s I couldn't see any probs for you.
  13. Yeah.. so avoid a blackbird :)

    Or get 2 bikes, one for commuting and one for trips :)

    When do you get your fulls? When I was looking at upgrades I was considering sv650 and er6f as my 'practical' choices, whilst my heart actually wanted an 05 zx6r in matte blue. The head won though, I'm not in a position to be able to afford the outright cost, nor the extra maintenance and insurance costs, until another year or so. Plus me on a racebike would be a point and laugh moment - of course that wouldn't stop me from getting one :grin:

    As I was saying, I narrowed down the bikes that I wanted without ever having ridden either. But if you're not sure, when you get your fulls I'd take a few for a test ride, or find if someone nice has the bike you're considering, they might let you have a go somewhere quiet :wink:
  14. :rofl: :applause:
  15. yeah I'd love to own 2 bikes for two different perposes but I can't..
    I haven't even thought about whether I'm keeping or selling my Virago yet.... but that's a cheap bike to own anyways.

    The SV looks good and looks Pillion friendly. yeah that's prolly another thing I'm looking for, Touring abilities and Comfort for Pillion.

    I'm due for my Fulls early next year, Feb-Mar wooohoo!!

    Looks like I might have to do a trip to the Northern Beaches soon ;) hehehe

    Are Ducs Pillion Friendly?
  16. Hehe yeah, I'll have it registered, insured, and I'll be fully licensed on the 24th of jan (just over a month from now!!) feel free to come have a go after then :)
  17. exactly. Stoner only has 3kg on you, weighing in at 58kg lol

    harden up mate and get on one of those 600cc sports bikes :D
  18. Andu!!!

    btw - I'm SOOOO getting those Cruiser Pegs aka Oggy nobs that you got hahahaha - the best!

    Can't wait!!!
  19. harden up!?!? more like fatten the **** up!

    +1 to phizog's suggestions - er6f/n - sv650/s - duke 620/695/696.

    if i'm feeling lucky i mite even let u "testride" my machine next meet. :cool:
  20. hahahahahaha - u got a point there Rocketeer, and hopefully not a hollow point from Tweet :p

    thanks man! a Duke riding a Duke hehehehe