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NSW 550$ and four points for filtering

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. $550 and 4 points for filtering

    Yeah, so really funny, some of you might remember my posts in the thread about using turning lanes to filter traffic and how its pushing in and how people shouldnt do it.

    Anyway i did exactly that this morning and got pinged by the highway patrol for crossing a traffic island (the diagonal painted lines prior to the turning lane that i rode over) and for riding in a direction against a turning arrow. I will say i thought i got back in before the stop line, but hey my word against theirs and all, but i know how i ride and i would have been back in before the intersection.

    But yeah, pretty awkward considering my posts last night, will be losing my license for three months over this, oh well, at least i will have the license back for summer and also have it for the rest of university holidays.

    eating my hat, but yeah a warning, crossing those painted lines is expensive
  2. Fark me!

    Something I do all the time without a second thought.

    I would check the crossing the traffic island thing. I'm not sure but I remember learning that it was legal to go through them but you had to give way leaving them, which basically allows you to go through them if the lane is blocked.
  3. it was a tiny section, quite narrow just about the same room you get between cars for a normal filter, i barely noticed that i rode over it.

    But yeah i had no idea how expensive the ticket was for that, i do it in the car out of lazyness at a few intersections often... a bad idea i think.

    This happened at the junction of telegraph road and pacific highway heading north.
  4. Shit. That sucks.
  5. run someone over instead, then there won't be any punishment!
  6. I think you've been picked on.
    From nsw legislation http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/viewtop/inforce/subordleg+179+2008+fn+0+N
    He's either gotten his definitions wrong, or I don't understand what you're talking about.

  7. Thats interesting i did exactly 85 option c, island on the median, gave way to any vehical that entered (none did, but was at a very slow speed and could have given way if need be)

    What is the translation of 20 penalty units into actual terms?

    EDIT: yup, there were only 10 cars or so at the junction, only rode past 2 cars or so while on the painted lines, it was not a long way.
  8. No idea, but you have crossed a painted island not a traffic island. He has booked you on the complete wrong law (below). You have actually done nothing illegal at all.

    Fight the carnt!

  9. Yeah something doesn't sound right here, i though that unless the island is surrounded by dual solid lines your allowed to enter as stated by the rules above, but I'm in a different state.
  10. Oooh. So you went in the filter lane, straight across the junction in no mans land and then cut across the chevron markers to cut in? ;)

    Strange considering your comments yesterday as you mention. Shame you threw all you good intentions out of the window and pulled a stupid, completely illegal move ;)

    Tough break though, hope you're back on the bike soon.
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  11. well i proved it was illegal at least in the eyes of Mt Kuring-Gai Highway Patrol
  12. Is this relevant?


    Sounds like at least one part of the fine is BS??

    Edit: Actually, I don't get the double lines thing.
  13. Anyway, the copper is either incompetent and doesn't know the road rules, or he has a vendetta against bikes and deliberately screwed you over. Make a complaint to his Sergent, do everything you can to fight the ticket. You should write to the SDRO with a snapshot from google maps with the area you crossed marked, include all the legislation and definitions. State that as you are not on a motocross bike there is no way you could have crossed the traffic island there, nor was there any point. Also fight the second ticket claiming you re-entered traffic before the stop line which is legal, claim the cop is clearly incompetent based on the other ticket and his account cannot be relied upon.
  14. Just a breakdown of the tickets. There's one more point there and $20 less I can't account for. But you are definately not guilty of the first offence.

    Drive on traffic island
    Demerit points: 3
    Road Rules 2008
    Rule 290
    Not turn right from far right side of one-way road
    Demerit points:2
    Road Rules 2008
    Rule 31 (1)&(3)
  15. IF the painted island is surround by a double white line then it is the same as crossing a double solid line in the middle of the road.. (say if overtaking)

    Mind you.. Vic has now changed its laws about line markings.. where you can not cross a single white line anymore.. also a bunch of parking regulations for smaller streets which everyone is just peeing on anyway.. could it be something to do with crossing a solid white line ?

    Sucks regardless..
  16. He pinged me for the first offence, rule 290, and then another offence "drive contray to direction of traffic lane arrow" $232 he said it was one point. Not sure on that one as the dollars are the same as the offence you listed. he was probably just wrong, which is a shame because if its 2 i will lose my license even if i win the other ticket. ive only got two points left on my P's.

    Deadsy, i defiantly drove down it for less then 50 meters, was very light traffic with only a few cars at the intersection, i think the maximum distance i filtered on the traffic island is two car lengths, to me it felt like i just poped over it.

    I think i should fight both of these, during my conversations with the cop i was not really admitting to anything more just trying to be cooperative and get things over and done with as quick as possible with no arguments, i had a ride to get too. I really do not think i would have merged back into the traffic mid intersection, the traffic was very light and the light went green a fair way before i got to the stop line, so it would have been easy to slot back in with no problems, and thats what i think i did.

    As for the cop being of low caliber, he did take an AWEFUL long time sitting in his car discussing it with his colleague as i froze to death at the side of the road.

    EDIT: shit i should have said, its for 530 sorry mate, i rounded it up when i gusstimated it in my head as he gave them too me, and stuck with 550 all day.
  17. In Victoria, you can still cross a painted island surrounded by a single white line in order to make a turn or enter a turning lane.

    Unconnected, if the cop booked you for riding over the island to enter the turning lane, that's bogus. See Australian Road Rules Reg 138, section 2.
  18. I think you still might be stuffed.

    It may be reasonable to interpret the rule as saying it is ok to cross the painted island when using the turn lane to turn. But crossing the island and coming back in with no intention to turn may be a reason they give to uphold the ticket.

    Just a thought.