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55 posts later and...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Soarer, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. ..I finally have a bike! :D

    Bought a nice black and silver CBR 250R (yes yes I know... ) with 26,000 on it. Has been dropped once, but didn't suffer too much damage apart from needing a fairing replaced and a small scratch on the exhaust.

    I've only had the opportunity to take it for a quick run, due to it raining and being the first time I've ridden on the roads I didn't want to push it. But it felt great, especially once I managed to manoeuvre my toes under the gear lever due to my not worn in leather pants :p

    Anyway :roll: , my question is this ... I've booked her in for a service tomorrow, and want to get all oils and fluids changed, new chain (No sprocket needed), filter etc ... I'm wondering approximatley how many fun tickets I should be paying for this sort of service? If there's something else I should get him to look at too please let me know. I will be mentioning that I've just bought it and want it looked over, but I don't particularly want to be taken advantage of due being a bike noob etc.

    Thanks everyone!!! :wink:
    Now all I need is a break in the rain ... or some wet weather gear!! :?
  2. congrats!

    I'll leave the technical questions to the experts though. :)

  3. God please help us
  4. sorry and welcome to the forums
  5. Congrats on your new investment. Safe Riding :)

  6. Congrats and well done :D :D :D

    As for the service info. Why do you need a new chain and not sprockets, normally goes hand in hand :?:

    As for the price, can't help you its been way too many years since I was on a 2 fiddy but a full going over like you have mentioned may spin out to be $300-$500 with parts (just a wild guess tho). Get them to do a comp test, but you should have done that prior to purchase. Sounds like you have all bases covered. Enjoy the new ride.

    Cheers 8)
  7. good luck on the bike , now all you need is eyes in the back of your head , side and in your bum .
    dont think i am joking , you will need them :)
  8. I paid around $250 for a minor service for the Hornet, and that didn't include chain and sprockets. If you've just bought the bike, spend whatever you can afford to establish a reference point for servicing for your future ownership.
    I too think that if you are going to replace the chain, you should also replace the sprockets, this is normal practice.
  9. A decent chain will probably be about $100. As Dazza said you should get sprockets as well if replacing a chain. If you use even slightly worn sprockets they will greatly accellerate chain wear. So unless the sprockets are new it is recommended (sprockets about $70-100 for a pair probably). Oil and filter - $20 for filter and $30 for 3 litres of oil. (approximate prices for chain and sprockets came from internet sites)

    Plus some miscellaneous other things and labour - I'd agree with Dazza's approximation of between $300-500.
  10. Thanks everyone! Appreciate it immensely!

    Took it down to him today, however I was booked in for Weds not Tues (car was getting done today, not the bike ... oops!). He had a quick look over it and thought everything seemed pretty good. Said it should cost 3-$400 for the service, including a 428 o-ring chain he has on sale for $69 (good buy/idea?).

    The sprockets have supposedly only just been replaced, however I hear what you are saying so I might ask to make sure there is no wear at all, otherwise replace them too. As you said Hornet I want to know where everything is up to service wise.

    He also mentioned that the oil would be a bit pricey because he will be using full synthetic, however can someone tell me if these bikes need it? The cost is not a worry at all, but I know with cars that full synthetic doesn't burn off the piston heads (?) like it needs to and can sometimes cause more trouble than its worth. Generally I run semi-synth in the car because of this.

    If anyone really wants to see another Cbr twofiddy I'll try and put a pic up a bit later :)

    Thanks again all! Now... I have some more riding to do! :)
  11. If any road bike motor needs full synthetic then it's probably the CBR250R (and RR)... those little motors are screaming along at 18000 rpm, and every little bit of extra lubrication you can get is worth it.

    If the sprockets are 'as new' then you might get away with only a chain... only the person looking at it is really in a position to say though.

    Good luck with the new bike (and the other crazy road users!)
  12. Had the service done today, cost me $370 if any other newbies are interested - that was inc. a new o-ring chain, plugs, Mobil 4T oil, filter, brake fluid change front & back, new horn (meep meep!) and a tune up.
    Bikes in great condition, however I do need a new rear shock as she's a little bouncy.

    So, before I start another post in the for sale/wanted section, does anyone have any suggestions on what to do about this? Recondition? New shock? Replace with CBR 600 shock...?

    If someone happens to want to get rid of one, please let me know! I'll also do my best to throw some pics up soon ... I've been having too much fun riding it sorry!!! ;)

    Thanks all! :)
  13. Thanks for letting us know the outcome Soarer. A new shock after only 26,000km sounds a little unusual - was the previous owner of a heavy build? Reco of a shock that young should be fine .. they'll open it up and give it new springs, oil, and seals. Maybe fit a heavier grade spring and/or oil?
  14. Thanks Mouth :D

    I queried him on the low km's and he feels they are genuine, condition wise he thinks it looks like it anyway. It was complianced in 2002 so he suggested that due to the low km's people usually put on their bikes in Japan that could well be possible too.

    The last guy that I bought it off wasn't too big, his wife rode it mainly, but could the seals have failed due to its age (89) rather than the shock physically getting worn out? Either way, I'm going to get it recond' I think next week... shouldn't be more than $250 Im told unless the shaft needs to be re-chromed too... then add $30 extra. I'll see if I can get it off the bike myself. Down side is it'll be away for a week and a half .... noooo!!!! :cry: The dampening seems ok however the rebound is too bouncy and fast. I'm only 70kg's so would a heavier spring be wasted on me? :) (Yup, I'll be a human javelin if I ever go over the bars! :p
  15. I finally have some pictures of the bike, taken tonight, my apologies for the delay of getting them up!!


  16. NICE LOOKING BIKE, buddy, and, of course, it has the most important accessory.... the winged badge!!!
  17. Looks nice dude. Enjoy it.
  18. very sexy bike bro.....wish i had one :(
  19. They are fun bikes, enjoy it.

    With the rear shock, have you "wound it up at all"??

    I did it to mine and it stiffened it up a fair bit.
  20. Thanks everyone for the comments!

    No Vic, I haven't tried ... the mechanic was the one that mentioned it so I should hope he tried it! Will ask when I see him next.

    On that note, I'm going to have the shock reconditioned this coming week ... the mechanic will be sending it to a place in Brisbane, which should cost up to $300 to get done if the shaft needs to be rechromed too.