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$53.90 per bike, per year hidden Tac Tax Email Campaign

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cash, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. Someone put some sort of handout on my bike today? Anyone has the same?

    I think it is about the unfair TAC tax on the motorbikes and scooter community. Riders to email premier Bracks and a PROTECT RALLY at the parliament House Melbourne on the 3rd October.

    P.S. Sorry .. not my intention to shout using cap. I am just following what's on the paper.. :LOL:
  2. It's Damien's mob who run this campaign.
  3. Damien's mob consists of Damien and about 3 acolytes
  4. Bullshit!!!!!

    It's that weasel and his other 3 personalities :shock: :LOL:
  5. Re: Caps removed because it's rude to shout.

    Don't use all caps in your heading.
    you got a mod with some time on their hands, I simply rename the topic to ----
  6. A PROTECT rally sounds interesting, but a PROTEST rally would be more use :LOL:
  7. Re: Caps removed because it's rude to shout.

    You have the option of changing it since you created it but no caps.
  8. the rallies do nothing.. look at what the taxi's did the other week, brought traffic to a standstill on some of the cities busiest streets.. thats what they should be doing, nothing ever gets done if you do not put your point across effectively.
  9. It will not suceed becauseDC and his minions have lost the support of most of the MC community.
    This is the numpty that wanted a protest run during the commonwealth games.
  10. Here is the actual handout..


  11. Yep protest organiser is DC
    don't bother attending because you will be tarred with the DC brush and be known as irrelevant by all political parties.
    He doesn't know he is way past his use by date.
    Even the MRA have distanced themselves from him again.
  12. Figure my boss would love to see me on TV when I should have been at work!
  13. An email campaign, eh?

    That'll change the world all right. :roll: :LOL:
  14. Wouldn't this sort of stuff be better sent to the opposition so they can make a big hoo ha about it on TV rather than enother email in the deleted items folder of MrBrax?

    Protest rallies, not worth the time they take to attend IMHO.
  15. There is an article about this in Two Wheels, about emailing Steve Bracks etc.
  16. People have been sending protest emails in for the last 12 months (mod edit: removed free link to another forum)
    Vic roads have also responded to the queries about WRB's on thompsons road and frankston fwy and they are goindg to be removed... and Hopefully not relocated
  17. Email campaign... I hope it conforms to the Spam Act. :grin:

  18. It's Not my IP Address :roll: :roll: :roll:
  19. Vic roads have just installed about 50km of them near my place all along the western hwy :evil: :evil:
  20. Denis Napthine - the Opposition Transport Rep attended the VACC Motorcycle Forum. When asked what the Libs would do about the Levy he said they would scrap it.

    I think a few pertinent emails to the media would be better than a protest ride.

    A few hundred letters - see it raised as an issue in the media - and then an Impromptu Awareness Ride - now that would bring the issue to the surface.

    But, as usual - I don't think that we all care enough about it. From what is said here I think that you all seem pretty happy with the Levy........ :p :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.