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520 pitch chain & roadworthy

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by liquid, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi,I have a 2000 cbr 929 that i want to sell currently the bike has 520 pitch chain and sprockets came stock with 530 pitch.Will this pass rwc ?,i heard maybe it wont.


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  2. Assume you are in VIC


    Quotes below:

    What is inspected?
    The inspection is a check of the vehicle to ensure that key components have not worn or deteriorated and that the vehicle is safe for normal road use.

    A roadworthy inspection only covers the major safety related items, including:

    wheels and tyres
    steering, suspension and braking systems
    seats and seat belts
    lamps and reflectors
    windscreen, and windows including front windscreen wipers and washers
    the structure of the vehicle itself
    other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine.

    The roadworthiness test is not a check of the mechanical reliability or general condition of the vehicle. If you require a comprehensive check on the overall condition and reliability of the vehicle then you should arrange for a separate independent report such as those offered by the RACV or VACC.

    The certificate does not mean:

    that the vehicle is in top condition without any wear or deterioration
    non-safety related accessories such as the air conditioner, rear window demister, electric windows and rear-window wipers are working
    that the items checked during the roadworthy inspection will continue to function after the inspection eg. a brake light can stop functioning at any time after the inspection.

    What about the Australian Design Rules?
    The roadworthiness test is not a complete assessment of a vehicle's compliance with the Standards for Registration, which, in most cases, are the Australian Design Rules (ADRs). The ADRs are a set of minimum standards for the construction of motor vehicles and trailers. In most cases compliance with these standards cannot be assessed by inspection alone.

  3. Sorry fatal mistake QLD sorry
  4. Makes no difference.. & update ya dam profile noob.
  5. Yep always good to update your profile ...
    PSSST MG do the same rules apply in Mexico LOL :p
  6. Do you really think the examiner's going to put a set of verniers on the chain to measure the width? Or even know what it should be?

    Whatever the legal technicalities, it seems a little unlikely that it would be picked up.
  7. :grin: :p Rider.
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Not open for further replies.