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520 Conversion

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by DeepWater, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Has anyone done this to their bike ?

    For those that dont know what it is, basically its changing the sprocket size, increases acceleration and decreases top end

  2. did you notice a massive difference ? worth doing ? where abouts top end do you feel the pinch ?

    im thinking about doing it to the r6, thou im not sure if i cbf either
  3. It sounds like your discussing a few different things all at once here. Firstly, by reducing a chain weight your reducing the rotational mass of a motorcycle , meaning one less gyroscope to deal with. By changing the sprockets your altering the final drive ratio; and thus increasing acceleration or top-end speed.

    So which are you wanting to do?
    Reduce the reciprocating mass, change the final drive ratio, or both?

    The downside to reducing the chain weight is usually you end up sacrificing a bit of chain life. That said, track bikes often run ringless lightweight chains with the intention of replacing them frequently. In the end, the percieved difference from simply changing a chain weight will only be slight; and when i refer to chain weight i'm making the assumption your moving to a small chain size hence lighter.
  4. What Koma said - 520 is a chain thickness, and what you're talking about is sporcket size changes.

    Lots of people, including me, change their sprocket sizes. I like putting the full power of my engine within the legal speed limit in first gear. There's more acceleration and easier wheelies.

    Negatives are:

    1) Your speedo is out by whatever factor your sprocket sizes have changed. In my case, around 15%.

    2) Your odo is out by the same factor. For me this means that several thousand km on my odometer shouldn't really be there, which will possibly affect resale value.

    3) You have to work the gearbox more around town. For example, 60kmh cruising can now be done comfortably in 4th gear where previously the Hornet would be happier in 3rd.

    4) Fuel consumption goes up a bit on long trips because your engine revs higher at a highway speed in top gear then it did before. In my case it went from around 3700rpm to 4500rpm at a constant 100kmh in 6th.


    I like the wheelies.
  5. Obviously speedo and odo only out of they read from the gearbox as opposed to front (or rear for that matter) wheel, the reading of which will not change with sprocket changes.
  6. i noticed a really big difference
    when i took it ofr a strap after doing the conversion and shit myself for the first few gears
    i wnet -1front and +2rear
    like what LOz has said the speedo and tacho are little out
    because of the ratio
    the bottem end is alot punchier
    and the fornt end comes up alot easier
    top end wise i dont know i dont really look at my speedo
    im just hanging on, how often do you wanna hit 240km 300km anyways
  7. Even then, that's only a speedo healer away from being spot on.