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50yo noobie, Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Brettsky64, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Hi all, just like to introduce myself from the Gold Coast.
    I am a 50yo who is new to bikes, have ridden dirt bikes on and off over the years but nothing serious.
    So I decided to get my Qride licence and purchased my first bike, a Suzuki gs500 2006. I don't count my 50cc Sym scooter as a bike lol.
    I use my bike for commuting to work and back but would like to go on more social rides.
    By joining this forum I am hoping to gain knowledge of my ride, meet and ride with other enthusiasts.

  2. Welcome brettsky! Some nice rides north side to avoid the gc hinterland congestion.
  3. Welcome, good to hear you've migrated to a 500 from the scooter ;)
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  4. Welcome from South of the border - 500's rock !
  5. Welcome to NR
  6. welcome Brettsky, another 64-er here mate - welcome to NR and riding!
  7. Howdy Brettsky64Brettsky64 and welcome to NR. It might pay to note that the more you ride, the younger you get. Enjoy.
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  8. Welcome Brett, there are a number of us who ride down GC hinterland plus everywhere else a fair bit. Always interested in meeting some new folks to ride with.
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  9. welcome aboard :)
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  10. Hi Brettsky
    have a looksee at this group for the social rides ... an easy going bunch. http://mecgc.club/
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  11. Thanks Rexxy, do you mean, the north side of Brisbane or the north side of the gold Coast?
  12. North Brissy. There are some nice noob level twisties that don't attract the hard core type because of the speed limits, but have enough challenges to practice with.
    There are probably plenty south side as well, I've just never ventured down there. The trick is to zoom in to google maps quite a lot to see the smaller roads.
  13. Welcome. Haven't you heard - " it's when you're over the hill that you pick up speed !"
    At 62 I can vouch for that. Travelling faster than I ever have
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    Welcome, enjoy, stay safe.

    I'm the wrong side of 50 as well!
  15. Thanks for your message, I have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's off for now, let me know if you are coming down my way, I would like very much to join and meet other riders.
  16. Yeh, thanks, I rather grow into the bike rather than grow out or it.
  17. howdy Brettsky64Brettsky64
    Welcome and you've prob made the best mid life crisis decision in getting a bike - especially with so many twisties in the GC hinterland! ;)
    I'm a local, however at the moment I'm enjoying a "chilly" change in the southern states until the end of winter. Then I'll be good to meet up and show you round my playground.

    If you want to start looking about and getting to know other like-minded nuts, go check out http://mecgc.club/ Motorbike enthusiast club of the Gold Coast. Bunch of very nice riff raff with every motorcycle imaginable that holds lots of social and ride events.

    Stay upright! :cool:
  18. Thanks Valvoline, I will look into it and stay in touch for when you get back.