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50cc tuning

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by muso280, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. greetings all... just a quick question for those who've done it... what top speed should i expect to get from a little 50 ( i'm thinking scp runna) , derestricted of course, with a 70cc kit and power pipe? are carb/jet mods worthwhile?


  2. it all depends on the pipe, the cylinder, the rider mass and the stock design. Look at around a 6-8 kph top speed increase with each mod.
    Conservatively, you should be able to hit 80 kph.

    If you don't change the jetting or the carby, you will seize the engine on the first ride.
  3. :WStupid:
  4. 50cc Vino tuning

    Hi Guys & Gals

    I've got a 50cc Vino Classic (Yamaha) that has a top speed (from the factory) of 52kms/hr. What kind of mods can I do to tweak the overall speed by perhaps 10-15k? I travel a short distance to work and back each day, about 6ks each way, and there is a stretch of road at 80kph for about 2ks.

    While a 15k increase still doesn't come close to 80, it would make it just that little bit safer a ride for that short distance.

    BTW, I've never done any mods myself, so a bit of detail whether it's DIY or if a garage is the better way to go. I'm handy with tools re cars (have restored an FJ & FC Holden in the past couple of years), so I'm not completely illiterate here :roll:

    I understand that any mods will likely destroy the warranty, so I'm willing to listen to all input of just how far I can go with this. Safety is also a factor - but I'm not trying to turn this little putt-putt into a screaming jet.

    Thanks all

  5. You might be able to override the rev limiter that your CDI might have, or remove a washer located in the forward pulley unit..etc etc.That could give you 10-15km/h more..I have no more details for the vino, but vino needs a trip to the mechanic and a couple of hundred to make it happen.
    Make sure you brake in the engine properly before playing around with it, and even then, don't go flat out for more than 1 min at a time...
  6. Yes, I've visited web pages that detail this, and it's something I'll leave til after teh break-in period.

    Can you explain this a bit further?

    Thanks mate

  7. Some 50cc have a CDI with a rev limiter. You can replace the lot with another
    CDI with no limiter or cut a cable that goes to the CDI. I don't know whats the case with the vino. My 50 needed to have a dark blue cable taken off the CDI and that alone gave me 20km more.. I did that on the second day i bought mine..But I still run it flat only for a minute, perfect from one red light to the other!!
  8. Ok.... more reading to do :)

    Now to find out what a CDI is and if the Vino has one....

    Thanks mate.

  9. It's a little black box. It's basically an electronic distributor/ignition thingy.

    Most modern scoots have CDIs, and the Vino should be no exception.
  10. Me and 5 mates hired some 50cc 2 stroke scooters in Airlie beach 6 months back, good fun - these things did 85 topped out :), and only $35 bucks for 2 hours.. bargain. We couldnt beleive how little fuel they took when we topped em up.. 2 hours for, wait for it... $2.16. :LOL:
  11. pUre GlaMOuroUs =]
  12. Get yourself an Aprilia SR50 DiTECH. Should do a genuine 80+, despite the speedo saying you are doing over 100. :LOL:
  13. My Piaggio Typhoon 50cc 2 stroke would sustain 70+ easy with only the stock restrictors removed. Saw an indicated 92km/h down a mild hill on many occasions.

    I reckon with mods 100km/h shouldn't be out of the question.

    Find the UK scooter sites, they're mad for it over there.
  14. it might not worry you, but you should be aware that any performance mods you make will most likely make either the scooter technically un-roadworthy OR mean that you arent allowed to ride it without a motorcycle license.
  15. fits mine to a tea.

    i've got a honda today 50 running a 95cc big bore kit, variator plus wieghts, clutch and spring from an old honda lead, high diff, modded airbox with bigger main jet and custom exhaust that has a 1.5 to 2 inch pipe. bloody thing screams, beats cars at lights and 125cc 4 strokes and 50cc 2 strokes, all this from a 4 stroke scooter. have to be careful taking off, it pops the front wheel with ease..
    got my big carby coming in 3-4 weeks then down the track, it's head and cam next....

    still very good fun dragging off cars at lights.....
  16. 50cc

    I got red devil thats cranks out about 65km on the flat and i almost had it off the speedo at 75km no joke all that i have done to it, is taken out the variator washer

  17. Wow your really into it must be expensive to get all of these performance mods! Why not just get a bigger engined scooter in the first place to save you this trouble?
  18. where is the fun it that
  19. Depends what your idea of fun is? I guess in some states a 50cc scooter is legal to ride with your car license? I'm not sure what state you are from but a 50cc scooter you must have a full motorcycle license. I would probably get a 125cc 2-stroke if I was going to get a scooter! Good work getting the power gains out of it though and if you get enjoyment out of it why not! :)