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50cc scooters - which is better than what...

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by bektravels, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Hi All

    I'm a scooter newbie in adelaide - looking to buy my first one for getting to work and back (15km round trip). I pretty much want to stick to a 50cc cos of the bike license thing.

    I've done a bit of research online but can't find many reviews so I thought I'd ask for some opinions here... I like the retro styling and am thinking of something like the Bolwell Retro, Mio, Honda Today or Scoopy... Not too keen on the Vmoto Milan, I did a search here and read a few bad things.

    I went into the Honda dealer and he thought perhaps a Vespa ET2 50 would be better than the honda's - but with on road costs $3800 is getting a bit too steep - anyone think it's worth the extra dosh tho?

    The Aprilia Mojito's look gorgeous too:)
    Thanks in advance!

  2. have you thought about the Peugot Snake?

    Personally I would suggest you spend just a little more to get one that you FEEL safe to ride in. Main thing to check are brakes, width of tyres, suspension, fuel and power!!

    Other things that may help you with the short list are storage capacity (full face helmet under seat or ability to get a top box), high low beam, centre stand, maintenance cost.

    Fuel consumption on all carby scooter are very similar. The few fuel injected ones are miles ahead with that. But you pay lots for.

    I wouldn't recommend you getting something under powered. You will have a nightmare at the lights and getting swamped by cars, very DANGEROUS!! Not to mention a strugle to go uphill.

    And please DON'T FORGET to save about $800 for riding gloves, armoured jacket, helmet and insurance!

    Maybe worth to just pop out to our ride on the 16th and see the range available. :)
  3. dont get a 50cc 4-stroke.
  4. Peugot's look fantastic and go mucho fasterosso. Well, for a 50 at least... If you can afford it, you'll be happiest with a Puegot. The speedfight 125's are goergeous too.

    Actually, I take that back. The best scoot around is the Aprilia SR50, but you're looking at Vespa prices for one of those. That's what you pay for a 50cc with real 100km/h+ potential, and handling to match.

    On the value for money side, The Yamaha Jog is a great deal. Less than $2000 for a 2-stroke 50 (as opposed to the gutless 4-stroke hondas), with decent power. They've been around for over 10 years, so definetly no major design flaws, and unlike most scoots, they're backed by a major japanese factory, with undeniable quality.

    I recall reading somewhere (two wheels probally), Yamaha are actually going to release a new scoot later this year, a 50 with retro styling, if that's the kind you like, called the vino I beleive? It's been available overseas for years, so again, a great reliable option. Must be coming out very soon.
  5. Hi Bek,

    it's up to you whether to go the extra money for a European scooter.
    There are lots of things you have to look at besides price. Performance, size, weight and of course, styling must also play a part.
    So ride as many as you can.
    You might like the Peugeot Vivacity or the Ludix Elegance as well.
    And yes, the Mojito 50 looks cool too :grin:

    Looks like you've done a bit of research and that's great.
    There are heaps of reviews on scootersales.com.au, they are taken from twowheels:scooter magazine which is a must-get if you are buying a scooter as they list all the models on the market.

    As Mr Sikma said, avoid 4 stroke 50cc engines like the Hondas - simply not enough power or speed for what you want.

    Drop on into scooteraddict.net - the SA scooter board, more Adelaide-centric help there.

  6. too true, get the Scooter magazine put out by Two Wheels. I was really happy when I got the (5th edition??) it did a comparison of a heap of 50cc scooters and the Blaster came out on top in the performance class with SR50 2nd. :)

    When I say Peugot Snake, I actually meant to say Elegance. thanks brad.

    Research is good, I did heaps of that before I got my scoot. Also rode about 7 different brands too. Including the Akros, Bug, Today and TGB.
  7. it was always my understanding that 4-strokes deliver more torque at low rpm as opposed to 2-strokes, so they are less affected by head-winds and hills.

    although you won't get the same off the mark acceleration from a 4-stroke 50cc wouldn't it do better in those adverse conditions. 2-strokes are only happy when they're revving their nuts off.
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone! I had a look at a couple of the Pug & Bolwell scooters today... The Pug's all look pretty sporty (my preference is retro looking), but I've read good things mostly about them.

    I looked at the Mojito (couldn't help myself) but I found when I sat on it it felt a little too big for me and my feet could barely touch the ground. Sort of a relief really because they cost a bit...

    I'll visit a few more places on the weekend and hopefully get to test drive a few:)

  9. If the two motors are of equal size the 2 stroke will have more torque and horsepower. It takes close to double the capacity in a 4 stroke to get the same amount of power .

    This is why in Motocross racing, 250cc 2T are pitted against 450cc 4T.

    2 strokes do tend to have a high and narrow powerband, that can make a larger capacity bike difficult to ride.
  10. 4-strokes actually accelerate better off the line than a 2-stroke (especially if the 4-stroke has a capacity advantage- e.g. a 100cc 4-stroke making 4hp, versus a 50cc 2 stroke making 4hp, the 4-stroke will have most advantage off the line, despite weighing more). Everywhere else the 2-stroke will easily dominate. Same in the 250cc vs. 450cc motocross bikes example given.

    Both the 4 and 2 stroke 50's will struggle with hills and headwinds, but the 2-stroke through simply having more power will always have the advantage.
  11. its 50cc.. u wont have much power or speed as it is..

    i find my 50cc 2stroke to be no issue.. and its a vmoto..

    i pulled 80km an hr down montefor ehill tonight.. i get 68-69km on flat ground.. and going up the hill towards nroth adelaide torresnrd i sit on 50 with out an issue.

    some good scoots around.. test drive as many as u can.
    its a perosnal preference tho.. so dont listen to everyoen elses thoughts too much.

    find somehting YOU like and YOU feel comfortable on.