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50cc scooter - worth buying?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by centric, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm thinking of buying a scooter for riding to work (involves going over the sydney harbour bridge, 20k trip). I was wondering if a 50cc scooter would be sufficient for this purpose, and what the top speed might be? Would I be able to keep up with traffic on the bridge if it's going around 80kph?


  2. Hi Ben

    I would go for something a little larger maybe 125 cc -150 cc .
    As the top speed on a 50 cc is about 65 kmh and will struggle to keep up with the traffic.
    The larger scoots mentioned will easily cruise on 80kmh and have a top speed of a about 100- 115 kmh
  3. seeing NSW you are on the same licensing scheme between the 50 and 125cc. If so then go for the 125cc. Slightly more power and still quite good in fuel economy. If you are really short on money and want to go for only a 50cc, then Peugot Blaster, Aprillia SR50 and Yamaha Rossie will all do 80km/h no prob.
  4. i can only get about 50/60kph out of mine.

  5. On of the scariest experiences I've had in a while was crossing the bridge on a 50cc scooter. It was not something I'd care to repeat any time soon and I'd suggest 125cc at least.
  6. Yeah. A 50cc scooter is kickass, until it gets up to 70+
    My scooter has had the restrictors taken off and I can go 70 km/h but up hills etc it kicks the legs right out of it.
    If the bridge is 80, it'll be a little bit of a tricky ride.

    I think definatly go for a 125cc if the licensing allows it.
  7. Thanks very much guys, sounds like I should go with a more powerful one then.