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50cc/150cc scooter help

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by SCOOTERKID16, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. ]iv had a couple of 50cc scooters and im going 2 buy a 150 but i need a License but i want to know if there is any physical features that you can tell just from looking at it that its a 150cc and not a 50cc

  2. G'day Scooterkid...

    Welcome to Netriders mate! :grin:

    Well the main physical difference would most likely be associated with the gears... 50cc's are 'auto' - 150cc is most likely to be 'manual'... your back brake moves from the handlebars to a foot brake and the clutch goes where your back brake used to be... *re-reads the last sentence* Yeah that kinda makes sense... lol

    There are the odd variations on this... I've seen set ups with the clutch as a foot pedal and the back brake still on the handlebars... but in either configuration there's an extra foot pedal....

    If you're thinking of riding a 150cc without a licence hoping the cops won't notice that it ain't a 50cc you're on at the next RBT/licence check... PLEASE don't... You may well fool most cops at a roadside RBT/licence check - BUT - if anything (God forbid) goes wrong and you have a spill your insurance is void... (which could leave you badly out of pocket) ...you'd get nicked for driving unlicenced (believe me the cops will pay a LOT more attention to what you are riding and what you are licenced to ride after a prang) which means a fine (and being further out of pocket)...

    Hope this helps/is the info you were after mate...

  3. It'll be on the rego mate.

    Not to mention if the 150s are physically bigger than 50s.

    If its a small town like you say. They'll eventually catch on to it.

    Its just a matter of time.
  4. the 150cc im am looking to get is only 7 inch longer and 2 inchs wider and higher
  5. You came on for advice and you got advice, apologies if its not what you wanted to hear.

    But just to reiterate:

    1) The cc class will be stated on the rego of the scoot (you need to display this to be legal)

    2) If you ride it without rego and get into an accident it will be a big bad world of liability.
  6. i live in usa dont need rego
  7. +1^ Move to the states and you will never have to worrie about getting caught.
    but it would be cheper to just get your licence and buy the scooter you want, and if you getting your licece why not go all out and get a 250 scooter-or do they only come in 200cc? i dont know a hell of a lot about scooters-or much else for that matter-but i hope you get what u needed