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500hp Busa! INSANE!!!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by bambam_101, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Sorry if its a repost. Please delete if it is! (yes i did a brief search!!)


    Dudes getting overtaken at 300kmh like hes standing still!!! On the back wheel no less!!
  2. F*ck Scotty.

    That clip of Ghostrider is so bloody old [​IMG]
  3. Really? I never seen it before! Ah well, someone will delete it! :oops:
  4. Nah if we delete it all the whiney sooks on the Forum start crying like school girls and start spitting chips and throwing there toys out of the pram, so we just poke fun at the reposters instead :shock: :LOL: :wink:


    Cheers :cool:
  5. Not only old, but the speeds are fake. Some of those buses must be doing near 200 :p
  6. well you can all just shut up! :p
  7. incorrect the speeds are real...........

    Patrik Furstenhoff, star of the famous (notorious?) Ghost Rider videos, now holds the wheelie world record. During a recent event in the UK, he rode his turbocharged Hayabusa at 344km/h, on the rear wheel. The Ghost has now announced that he’s retiring from motorcycle stunting. Yeah, right. He’ll now probably take up gardening or something... =D
  8. That's exactly what Anthony Gatto did (world's greatest juggler) - retired and started a gardening business. Lasted for about 12 months before he gave up and started juggling again :p. No doubt Ghostrider will be back again.
  9. :WStupid:

    where have u been under a rock? :LOL: :p
  10. What does having the world record have to with the speeds in that video? Just watch it and compare the speeds indicated with the vehicle types being passed. No need for the nutty fonts :p
  11. I have.. and??

    Bike being passed was doing 284km/h. I don't understand what you are
    getting at.

  12. You dont travel at speed i take it ??............... because if you did, you'd know what the visual effect is like when you pass another vehicle sitting on say 100 when your doing 200 for example. It really doesnt give you the feeling of passing them like they are standing still.


  13. I travel at para legal speeds pretty much every single day on the 20k commute to work through the lovely country side here. All I have to worry about is kangaroos :grin: Anyway, I am very familiar with passing vehicles while going 2 or 3 times their speed I'm ashamed to say, that's why I think it looks wrong.

    I just watched it again, and it still looks optimistic to me. Maybe it's the effect of lens's depth of field or the width of the frame, but it just looks suspect :?:
  14. Have a look at this one.

    Better clip to see what kinda power his turbo Busa has on tap.


    Regardless of how it looks to you, the bike would leave yours (& mine)
    for dead.

    Its in its own league.

  15. I've never questioned the Busa :grin: Just the indicated figure on the R1.

    Trying to hold onto an unfaired bike at 344kph would be very interesting!
  16. Camera lens can be deceiving... At 10 x zoom the distance is reduced by a factor of ten; however time factor remains the same so the vehicle seems to be going ten times slower than it actually is.

    I would like to sum up that video in one word...

  17. Who gave the police a bloody lotus? I'm in the wrong trade!
  18. The car that should be for the Police.