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500 ways to know you're addicted to riding

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by daiakuji, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Not sure if this has been posted before but I'd thought it'd be a fun thing to do.
    Aim of the game is to try and list as many signs that could lead to someone having an addiction problem to riding.
    But of course, we all know we're in Rider's Anon together :p

    Apologies if mine sound lame, but cookies and brownie points for the hilarious ones!

    Let's hit 500 and awaaay we go:

    1) While your friends were on the school bus playing corners, you made sure you had one knee down while hanging onto the bar infront of you

    2) You grew up and now open the door to get a knee down while driving a car around corners

    3) You are legally married to your bike and somehow..the mortgage is in the bikes name...

    4) You go ATGATT even when you're about to make love (because you don't know what surprises you could get :-O)

    5) You heard that computers crash so you suit up before you sit down

    6) People watch you sit on a stationary bicycle for hours wondering why you're trying to balance the front brake while turning the right grip...

    7) Your local grocery store banned you from ever setting foot in their stores because you low-slided their trolley into a stack of spam

    8) They also banned you because you high sided into the toilet papers

    9) You removed two wheels from your car because you felt that it was redundant and you didn't need training wheels anymore

    10) You have actually dropped your bike 120+ ways listed in this thread and have another 80 more ways but didn't want to list them out of modesty

    11) You actually hooked up your bike to your PS3 to play MotoGP

    12) Then crashed through the wall while playing Burn Out Paradise trying to take out the opposing rider

    13) Your bike is literally your home, as it protects you from the rain, hail and shine. The radiator cooks your food while the battery powers the tv

    14) You know own every single motorcycle model

    15) Even the toddler toy bikes

    16) You tearfully kiss your bike goodbye and hug it for an hour before leaving it with your mechanic

    17) You become suspicious that your bike is cheating on you with your mechanic everytime you pick it up from servicing

    18) When your bike was impounded, you tried riding a wheelie chair to go pick it up (because asides from the bike, it was your only mode of transport!)

    19) When you go drinking, your bike always gets a round in

    20) You spend hours searching your car because you're not quite sure the killswitch is off...
  2. your bike took out a restraining order on you so it could get a break from being ridden...