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500+ CC Lams bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Set, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    About a year ago I (unfortunatly) bought a Hyo GT650R. The bike itself (when it actually works) is a fairly good ride, it handles well and from 0-100 has quite a bit of torque. Over the year I've had numerous mechanical issues with it, some quite major, infact it caused me to have many close calls when the rear wheel locked.

    Long story short - I need a new bike, I have the cash, just not sure which bike to look at.

    A few things;
    a) I'm quite tall (6"3) so the bike needs to be suitable for my size.
    b) The reason I am looking at 500+cc's is due to the fact I regularly go on joy rides and enjoy having power and torque in the grip of my hand. I regularly commute to work and go down the peninsula via the freeways so I need the power behind me.
    c) Hyo's are out. Most people on this forum agree that the build quality and reputation of the bikes are rather bad, I'm not making the same mistake twice.
    d) My price range is ~9-10k
    e) I love a nice looking bike, in particular a sporty bike. I've heard a lot about bikes such as the cb400 etc however I dislike the upright riding position as it makes me feel like I'm riding along on a seahorse.

    I've looked at the ninja650 however I hear they are rather close to the ground and I would have issues with my height.

    Other options that I have so far looked at are the FZ6R and the GSX650F however they also seem to have this upright riding position. I love the feeling of being in a nicely cramped up sports bike :)

    With those things in mind, what do you guys think, any suggestions?
  2. Why not look at something like a cb400 then? Plenty of power and suitable for longer rides. Probably right in the price range you are looking at.

    When you take into account that you want a sporty bike, want it suitable and comfortable for longer rides but dislike an upright riding position then something has to give.

    Either that or a GS500.
  3. Wait...wtf!?

    Go the fz6r Kwak or maybe the sv650 and then get some rear sets
  4. A second-hand Suzuki SV650S should be a close fit. It's the sporty version of Suzuki's lovely V-twin. Comes with clip-ons for that cramped feeling you desire.
  5. If you go for the SV650 make sure you get the LAMS version!
  6. hi
    my first bike was a second hand Suzuki GS500F which I rode over 6000k's including the Snowy's Ride last November. Recently rode it all the way to Sydney560k's and traded it in for a new Ninja 650 RL which I rode back. Love the new bike with its looks, stability on the road and torque. There is a huge difference between the two,which I put down to the different suspension and the fact that the Ninja has a fatter rear tyre. I have not tried the Yamaha FZ6S LAMS version, but if it anything like the Fazer 1000 , it would be great. For a taller rider the Ninja would be cramped up but it has a comfortable position for riding long distances ( looking as I rode over 1100k's in a day and a half!! Both the Ninja and the Yamaha have throttle locks which are easy to remove when the time comes(but they would have to be reregistered)'
  7. New LAMS Monster is coming out...

    How long to you have left on a restricted licence? I have been contemplating upgrading to a better LAMS bike than my zzr250 but figure I may as well stick with it and just put money away towards something fun when Im on fulls.