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50 years without a licence

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Unlicensed driver stopped after 50 years

    Police say they have arrested a Sydney man who claims he has been driving without a licence for more than 50 years.

    The 67-year-old from Wallacia was pulled over after he allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign at Luddenham in Sydney's west on Monday.

    He told police he had never held a licence in all the time he had been driving.

    He will appear in court next month charged with not stopping at a stop sign and never holding a driver's licence.

  2. and he'll have his not licence suspended for 6 months.. :cool:

    Funny, 50 years without getting pulled over? Kind of points to the lack of additional skill that little piece of plastic provides...
  3. While it's not much better today, but when this guy got his licence there were no driving tests that were of any sort of standard. Indeed, chances are his peers would simply have studied for some sort of road rules test which took in the very basics, oral exam of said rules, maybe a drive around the block, and that's it.
  4. Bet the fine doesn't even come close to all the cash he's saved by not renewing a driver's license.
  5. I work with a guy who was like this with his motorbike license. About 30years he has been riding without a license. Only last year he finally got his L's. :LOL:
  6. this guy sounds like my dad

    'why do i need a motorcycle licence now? I've been riding without one for 40 years.'

    actually dad THOUGHT he transferred his NZ motorcycle licence to an aussie one when he moved here...but cause it was 'back in the day' when you didn't need a seperate licence...he never got one for the bike.

    he got his L's this year.
    he hasn't gone for his r-date yet

    in his words 'i promised your mother i'd get A licence. A learners is a licence. never promised i'd do more stupid tests & get a full one'

    old men are stubborn lol.
  7. What's your definition of "old"?

    The age of your father, or anything over X years?

    Remember, 15-18yos will think that YOU are old....

    And if you have children, then they'll think that you're positively ancient (which doesn't make this old phart feel any better now that he has 2 grandkids...)

  8. Exactly! However did he not manage to cause wholesale death and destruction, the horror! :LOL:
  9. Just don't point out to him that the Learners is only a learner permit... Provisional license and full license are the only real licenses. :LOL:
  10. mtj - i was joking mate lol

    dad is 57 in November.
    and a stubborn bastard
  11. Yeah, I know, just stirrin' the pot, as it were.

    OMG he's as old as, if not older, than TonyE, the elder statesman of Victorian motorcycle politics...

    Read: silly old duffer won't listen to me....

    Yeah, I cop that too, and I'm years behind your father (and TonyE, of course...)
  12. lol that NZ story was just like my mother in law.

    She 'thought' she had xferred her NZ licence over. Didn't work that way, so she happened to get pulled over for a random breath test after 20 years of driving unlicensed...spewin. Was all good. She had her Ls by the time she went to court and wasn't reamed too much.
  13. Hornet is older than either of us Martin... :LOL:
  14. Yeah it was weird hearing an "old" joke that didn't involve Hornet :LOL:
  15. Now that the guy has been caught, if he gets caught again without a licence, he'll be toast. The system HAS to make an example of him to deter others.
  16. Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2009 9:50 am Post subject: 50 years without a licence


    Unlicensed driver stopped after 50 years

    that is real cool.
  17. OMG! Next thing you know the news will report that somebody actually exceeded the speed limit by 3 km/h and 5,472 kittens, 6,823 babies and 13 saints in training DIDN'T die immediately :shock:
  18. And so's Brian the "non-splitter" but we don't mention them in polite circles...