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$50 "safety" levy

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mgompie, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. For what its worth.

    :shock: $50 levy facts.

    TAC collects $49.50 from motorcyclists. :(
    Take away the 10% GST we are left with $45.00 ($4.50 into general revenue) :(
    But!!! There is more.
    There is 10% duty on the levy (another $4.10 into general revenue) so now we are left with $40.90 to be spent on “motorcycle safety” :evil: .

    Who gets to decide where the money gets spent? :?:

    Answer; VMAC

    Who is the VMAC?

    Answer; Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council

    Who makes up the VMAC?
    (in order as is written in their own brochure)

    Answer; Chaired by Neil O’Keefe (labour party) :roll:
    Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia (MRAA), Victorian Motorcycle Council (VMC), Vic Roads, Victoria Police, TAC, Monash Uni Accident Research Centre (MUARC) and retailers.

    Who are the recipients of the $40.90? :!:

    Vic Roads for Road repairs, riders handbook revamp
    MUARC for Research
    MRAA via TAC $50.000.00 over 2 years for “Toy Run?”

    Any surprices here :LOL:
    Should we be asking questions? :idea:
  2. Of course we should! Particularly since I do not believe the TAC funding for the toy run actually came from the $50 levy (strictly speaking it is not safety related, and I do not believe I read anything from VMAC or its reps stating its approval of this).

    I thought the TAC money was just cuz the TAC is nice.. and the attorney general got on their case...

    I also thought that Michael C has said previously that MUARC has not yet successfully received any money via research grants through VMAC. I may have read too much into his comments.

    Please correct me if I am wrong on any of the above.

    But I whole-heartedly agree that questions should be asked. They have been asked in the past, but answers have been sparse at best.
  3. I have a question:

    Why only give a figure of money that was received by the MRA? $50k over 2 years = $25k/year. Divide by $40 and you find that even if that Toy Run money came from the $50 levy, we're only talking about 625 riders worth of fees. There are many more than 625 riders in Victoria, so presumably the total sum collected by the levy is much larger than 25k/year - why not give us the breakdown of where the rest of it goes?

    Apologies if my response seems harsh, just that post has a slight smell of anti-MRAA trolling about it and I for one am sick of seeing that stuff in here...

    By all means, we should question where the money is going and how it's helping motorcyclists.
  4. Certainly the $50k wasn't directly given from the $50 levy, but where is the acountability as far as money the TAC gives away?

    The real question is; Why is the $50 levy monies ending up in the pockets of the decission makers?
  5. Absolutely! VMAC authored a document called " A Strategic Guide for Expenditure of the $50 levy". I have numerous times asked both the MRA rep on VMAC, and also the VMAC secretary for a copy of this document for at least 12 months - so far, neither have provided it.
  7. $50.00,tolls for bikes wats the country coming to these days.
    TAC,only put motorcycle commercials out during the grandprix time,do they care for us????
  8. Is this your answer....

    If anyone has a monetary breakdown on where the $50 levy is being spent, I'd like to see it. VMAC rep's seem to be a closed secret-boys club as far as any specific or detailed information. From what I've been told about VMAC, it's just a puppet to the government and VicRoads really, so they themselves probably don't even know the full breakdown. If they do, they aren't sharing it with interested motorcyclists. :evil:
  9. I suspect it is not their care for us , but the bottom dollar. Every injured MC costs them money. It's prefered we die rather then sustain injuries, ITS CHEAPER, maybe that is why they allow drivers to remain on the road after killing another MC. Just saved the government a shitload of rehab monies.
  10. According to VicRoads, funding priority from the $50 levy has been given as:
    # education and training [rider handbook?]
    # engineering and technology [road signs and road repairs?]
    # enforcement [camera's on police bikes?]
    # enhanced data collection and analysis. [MUARC 'research'?]

    A full list of VMAC members is at:
  11. According to VicRoads, funding priority from the $50 levy has been given as:
    # education and training [rider handbook?]

    Isn't this the handbook you require to get your learners permit? Don't they charge for this anyway? Riders didn't have to pay for the previous version other than when you purchase the book. :?:

    # engineering and technology [road signs and road repairs?]

    Don't we already pay petrol tax and other motorvehicle charges that arive in large bundles at VicRoads, for the expess use of repairing, maintaining and building roads to suit ALL Road users? :?

    # enforcement [camera's on police bikes?]

    Self funding I thought! :evil:

    # enhanced data collection and analysis. [MUARC 'research'?]

    Monash Uni, private institution should we fund that?? :shock:
  12. A couple of responses, Marcel. Firstly, the $50k for the Toyrun is a sponsorship deal, in the same way that TAC sponsors AFL football teams.

    Monash Uni is not a "private institution". It's government funded.

    As far as VMAC being the government's "puppet" goes, at least it funds that. It could very well ignore motorcyclists and not have a VMAC at all.

    Could you recheck your maths regarding the stamp duty and GST calcs?

    When I got my first renewal with the new tax, the GST and duty were imposed on that $50, not that it was $50 inc GST and SD. I worked it out, based on the previous year's rego, that it cost something like $64 extra. I can't remember exact figures. I'd have to delve into my filing cabinet. And if your's is anything like mine, then you'd appreciate the difficult task of trying to find anything.....

    In any case, the levy stinks.
  13. Well I for one feel a whole lot safer as my wallet is now lighter and the reduced weight imblance means I wobble less in the corners....
  14. Interesting that Jason as I have never heard of this document and at the Geelong forum no mention was made of this. I would be interested in reading this if it is ever released.

    At a recent focus group that was done in Middle Park a couple of months ago, they did have some figures regarding where the money had been spent in relation to road repairs. The figures were in a mock docment that is going to be released but dont quote me on that.

    Detelf can explain the breakdown of the levy if you need any clarification.

  15. I was refering to Marcel's figures relating to GST and Stamp Duty that's imposed on the $50 levy. Not where it's being spent.

    When it was first imposed, if I remember correctly, the total bill payable didn't rise by $50. It was more like $64 or something like that. Will have to dig out old rego slips to check.
  16. The rego slips dont give any clue as to the breakdown of the levy...the only mention of the levy on the slip is a quote "Includes charge for motorcycle safety initiatives".

  17. The latest ones do. However, the first two rego renewals that I got with the $50 levy had the insurance duty and GST payable figures as well as the $50 levy, separate to the TAC charge and registration fee. It wasn't hard to figure out.
  18. Actually I think from memory that it was the other way around.
    The first lot of rego slips broke the charge down and it was in fact closer to $64.
    It comprised of the levy, GST and stamp duty.

    The last one that I looked at only had an asterix that stated the amount included a "safety initiative levy*
  19. "motorcycle safety initiatives" now there's a totally ambiguous statement. But look, let's not lose the focus here guys, the $50 levy is a disgusting misuse of government power and is being used against us not for us. Why make the victim responsible for those who perpetrate the acts of destruction. Isn't it a bit like putting on trial the victims of abuse? What we should have seen is the exact opposite of what happened, first they should have identified the supposed problem, then set about looking for suitable ways to rectify it, then they should have costed the remedial action required, then come up with a budgetted figure, then and only then determined the source of funding and the method of collection. What they did was collected themoney and then tried to find justifiable ways to spend it. I find that a dictatorial abuse of office.

  20. At the Geelong forum that was held last Saturday a preview of a brochure was released outlining where money from the levy has been spent, predominately motorcycle blackspots that (according to VMAC chair Neil O'Keefe) would be very unlikely to have been repaired in the near future without the levy.

    Was also mentioned of a few extra sealed shoulders around the place so that less gravel is spilled on the roads, I alas noever got a copy of this brochure but I daresay Col or Marcel should have had one and been able to quote it verbatim.

    That brochure is intended to go out with all new regos and renewals and yes the redevelopment of the handbook also came from that levy from memory, tv commercials weren't part of the $50 expenditure.