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$50 levy Petition

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Guest, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Taken from MRA site.

    Dale has asked me to post a request for any riders who can to please be present at Parliament at 9.30 tomorrow (Wed 5/4/06) for the presentation of the petition re the $50 levy.

    Denis Napthine's office has asked Dale to be present when he and Robert Doyle make an announcement on the steps of Parliament at 10am regarding the levy

    - they want as many riders to be present as possible...


    Kerry. :)
  2. Sorry for being on the wrong side of the world ;)
  3. I'll be there! :evil:
  4. This is the day many have been waiting for, will they remove the levy or will it stay? :shock:

  5. And here's the text of the email that finally arrived...

  6. It will stay.

    It's going to take a lot more than a petition to remove a levy.
  7. Tomorrow will tell.
  8. I cant make it at that time as I need to be at work and its too short notice for me to take time out.
    However, I hope the multitude of riders who work in the city can make it :)
  9. It's gonna rain!
  10. Why are people even protesting this???

    Isn't the levy used to fix motorcycle blackspots? I mean it's only $50 per year.
  11. Since they are in no position to do anything... yes it will stay, for now.
    But if you want to get rid of it, it's still a good idea to turn up if you can.
  12. That would be a fair enough observation if there was such a thing as a motorcycle-only road. We are a small minority of road users, and are not responsible for poorly engineered roads - surely repairing them shouldn't be applied to one user group. Besides, the majority of vehicles, cars and trucks, get the most use (and wear and tear) out of the roads that we have paid to fix.
  13. Some would argue it's used to fix state government budget blackspots :LOL:
  14. of course it is, it's Melbourne :grin:
  15. The state is about to reap a $750 million/year GST windfall (extra, not in total). You'd reckon that there would not be a need to serve this imposte on riders.

    If the money was spent on projects that solely benefited motorcyclists, such as rider training, accident research (real research, not the stuff that MUARC trots out to its benefactors, the state government) and perhaps spent it on rider-friendly roadside barriers, then maybe I wouldn't be so opposed to it.
  16. I reckon! Just got my rego in the mail today with a little brochure - "what your not getting for your $50" we pay for things that cars should be also paying for... like WTF its almost $500 a little less than a car.
  17. This 'levy' is a tax against riders, a punishment for who we are.

    The government could have raised all regos across the state by just a few dollars to make as much money as the do just slugging bikes. But they targeted us because we are different. Would the state consider charging the elderly, disabled or new parents more tax because they use more hospital services? Never - we all pay across the board - that's the fundamental concept of taxation.

    Not one cent of the levy should be spent on 'Motorcycle blackspots' when it makes the road safer for all users. Where are the 'Car blackspots' or 'Pedestrian Blackspots' or 'Bicycle blackspots'? - we are the only road user group forced to pay for our own safety initiatives. And that CD they spend money on - may as well be a coaster, it's pretty useless - a free track day would save more lives.

    Get out there tomorrow and let them know we don't appreciate being treated like second class citizens.
  18. Are we to just roll up on our bikes to the steps of Parlaiment?
  19. Pretty much! I'm walking it down though, couldn't be bothered suiting up.
  20. Yes, you can also sit in the public gallery to view the procedings if you like. :grin: