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$50 levy has not saved lives...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. This morning the Minister responsible for the TAC claimed on radio that the $50 levy was responsible for reducing the number of motorcycle casualties in Victoria over the past three years...

    That is a bit ridiculous since they didn't actually spend any of it for the first two and a half years - any improvement is down to what happened some years ago.

    media release that went out today.


  2. i dont know about you, but i feel MUCH safer shelling out that $50 than i would without doing it :D think i might go do a 200kph wheelie while lanesplitting down chapel st during peak hour now, i figure its gotta be safe with that $50 being used so well :LOL:
  3. Channel 31 news the other night made reference to the Government Levy.

    The news stated that the $50 levy was for the expressed purposes of improving roads for Motorcylists..... :? :?

    That will pay for alot of "fill the holes with wet tar" and "fill the cracks with slippers goo" and a few more "wired barriers"..... :shock: :shock: :eek: :eek:

    You know what, I do feel so much safer.... YOu know why, I will be tooooo bloody afraid to ride now :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Incorrect. The MRAA needs to look at it's research information, and stop making themselves look like fools. Argue the real points, not false lies or inaccuracies. Many blackspot roadworks were completed in late 2003 and early 2004, continuing into late 2004 and this year also. Here is the details. Additionally, the redeveloped rider handbook was released almost 12 months ago (Oct '04)
  5. The redeveloped rider handbook was planned BEFORE the $50 levy. As was much of the arrive alive stuff - including the "Put yourself in their shoes" campaign. Most of those 2003/2004 works were already in the planning stage and the funding changed to come from the levy instead of the general VicRoads budget. You don't suddenly plan that sort of work at a couple of weeks notice. I work in the infrastructure area and I know how long the lead times are for planning even "minor" works.

    You know as well as I do that it was a case of "gee we've got the money - what do we do now?" rather than coming up with a considered plan and deciding a levy was the only way to carry it out. A lot of the planning occurred way back when the late John Pigot was MRAA President and Brian Holgate was the TAC person who approached the MRAA and Ulysses for advice.

  6. I figure if Motorcyclists are paying for all these roads, maybe we should be able to keep the cages away from some of them on the weekends......
  7. That's the best suggestion I've heard so far... :twisted:
  8. i posted this up yesterday
  9. Agreed. But the MRAA press release argues that no levy money was spent for almost 2.5 years, which is factually wrong. And the minister will come back with the blackspot spending completion dates, which makes the MRA press release wrong and the MRA stupid.

    As for the planning .. your playing straight into their argument too. That (the argument) being that without the levy, these would all still just be plans. It is with the levy that they have been able to make those plans a reality now and given them priority, instead of remaining a low priority on general roadworks budgets and we wait 10+ years for them to occur.

    The MRA/rider argument should be that these statistics and levy spending prove that our roads are the problem, and not riders themselves! The government should stop blaming riders, and fix our roads. It also proves that the govt and vicroads are clearly to blame for rider deaths, by not fixing the roads from general road taxes.
  10. [quote="Mouth"
    As for the planning .. your playing straight into their argument too. That (the argument) being that without the levy, these would all still just be plans. It is with the levy that they have been able to make those plans a reality now and given them priority, instead of remaining a low priority on general roadworks budgets and we wait 10+ years for them to occur.

    Wouldn't this also prove the point in other releases that we are paying for
    there lack of planning in the first place.
  11. What we are saying is that the claim that the levy paid for these might be true - but these works were already planned to be done in that period. It's the later more recent work which was brought forward. The earlier ones would have happened without the levy.

  12. Nope, only shows the other releases as incorrect also.

    As Tony stated, the planning was being done ~5 years ago with John Pigot and Ben Holgate. John Pigot was a terrific leader and I remember working with him on some of these plans, and also remember Ben Holgate lamenting over how it would take many (10+) years for most of the idea's to come to fruition because of the extremely low priority rider programs had with govt and TAC spending budgets.

    As much as I hate the $50 tax, I do recognise that it has enabled many of these plans and thinking to come to live much earlier than they probably otherwise would have, and as the statistics do show it has reduced rider deaths at a time when rider number are increasing.
  13. Thats not what the MRA is saying at all. Here's some of the MRA press release (bolding applied by me) .....

    "Following the statement by Minister John Lenders that the $50 'safety' levy was responsible for saving lives, the President of the Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia – Mr Dale Maggs responded that this was completely untrue.

    When we examine the history of motorcycle safety initiatives in Victoria, stated Mr Maggs, it is apparent that the decrease in casualties has nothing to do with the levy. The 'black spot' initiatives referred to by the Minister have only just been carried out. The money has been collected for three years but was not spent until recently.

    What are the "earlier ones" you refer too? And where is the budget expenditure pointers to these?
  14. Is it too early in the thread to put the pocorn in the microwave?
  15. False lies? If a lie is false, that would make it the truth then?

    And exactly how many of these road works were planned from the outset with a view to using the monies collected from the $50 levy? Additionally, how many *were* directly funded by the levy? Anyone can create a list of roadworks and slap the "Motorcyle Levy" label on it, and we know people in government never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

    And in any case, why are we pouring money into projects that benefit cars and trucks as well? What are they contributing? Isn't the levy supposed to be for motorcycle specific initiatives?

    So the levy was really an excuse to prop up the government's roadworks budget? Oh no that's right. We get a handbook out of the deal.


    Because we all know how effective a little booklet is at saving lives. One that gets looked at a mere handfull of times before getting a licence, and even then in alot of cases to "cram" before the test. Really useful that. :?
  16. I'd prefer the popcorn done on the stove - not this inferior microwaved stuff... :LOL:

    Personally I'd wait till John K gets back. He's going to want to contribute to this one...
  17. Your time would be better spent by moving your mouse past this topic and reading others. It's obviously not for you, since you obviously appear to be uncomfortable with it's contents, instead preferring to try and inject humour into a non-humourous topic or stir up trouble where there is none.
  18. I'm with ya on this one!!!
  19. Jeebers someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning didn't they.... Come here have a big hug :p
  20. Has it? Have the areas that have had road improvement works carried out actually recorded lower numbers for crashes and deaths? Or has the overall number dropped and some bright spark has decided to attribute it to the roadworks without any hard evidence to support it?