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50 cc and alarms

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by furbypimp, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. hi i just bought a red devil.. and i am loving it..my only proberlem now i wanna ride it everywhere but cant. this is because i want a alarm for it and i dont want it to get attacked cause there are stupid people out there who would kick it over move it or even take it.
    so my question is who here has a alarm on there 50 cc scoot and where did you get it fitted and what kind? preferably people in south aus since that is where i am located.
    thanks for your help everyone.
    ps: you will know my red devil on the street cause it is black and will have the big GOT RICE? stickers down the side of it.. lol..

  2. got rice stickers?

    your asking for it to get kicked over...
  3. my vmoto monza came with a factor fitted alarm and imobiliser..

    Jaycar do tilt sencors etc.. plenty of places..

    even a few threads on here bout it
  4. an alarm isnt going to stop someone kicking it over...

    a gay sticker is going to make someone kick it over!

    you should be able to lock the steering aswell as the kill switch...
  5. yeah seen ones on Jaycar and also eBay. All depends on how comprehensive you want it to be. What features you want, etc.

    If you want rice.... get an alarm with central locking. :D hehehe....
  6. It's probably worth getting an alarm. While the 'pro' theives might not be interested, some people look at a little scooter and think "cute" means it's probably OK to pinch it.

    Of all my bikes, the only one that ever got pinched was a 50cc scooter. It got taken twice. Both times I found it 100 yards away.

    It didn't have an alarm.. it didn't have an ignition key. There was a steering lock but I never saw a key to it.

    My only security measure was to turn off the fuel tap. People stupid enough to 'borrow' a 50cc Vespa didn't have the nouse to work out which bit was the fuel tap.

    I suspect that a simple alarm of the type sold by Jaycar http://tinyurl.com/j5tx4 would be sufficient deterrent to the casual joy rider.

    They have stores in Adelaide.
  7. hmms i gonna get one from jaycar i reckon..
    lol..and whats wrong with my sticker?
    a big cannon and crystal lights. also some neons. or maybe instead of got rice i should get a calias sticker. lol..
    i have had a got rice sticker on my cars and nothing has ever happend to them. people laugh at it once they get what it means.