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50 best Burger joints in the world

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. I've never understood why Kermonds always seems to rate highly. I've eaten there a few times, and never really noticed a difference from the numerous other burger or fish+chip joints around the country.

    I actually reckon the Texas takeaway in Geelong (near Peter Stevens) is better, I also quite like the bar meal burgers at Bradies Tavern in Strathfieldsaye (if only for the fact they're freakishly huge and yet also cheap).
  2. I must say, the burgers in those photos in that link don't look too apealing....

    Loved the burger at this place called Bears Cafe in Tumbarumba whilst on the Snowy Ride last year....


    They're really serious with the name of this place... ;)
  3. Kermonds is an instituition, but I think the burgers used to be a lot better... They are bloody expensive too, which is probably why they were robbed at gun point a few years ago ;)
  4. I can't furnish a photo, but if you're travelling on the Pacific Highway to Brisbane, I can recommend a stop at the quirky town of Mooball. They have a fresian cattle-themed village, black and white patterning over nearly everything, and the take-away that fronts right into the highways serves up the Mooball Burger. Be warned, share one between two (or even three) people; they are literally the size of a dinner plate, and very tasty :LOL:.
  5. In-n-Out burgers - originally only in LA but they've slowly expanded through California and Nevada.

    The best fast food restaurant ever and the exact opposite of McDonalds. All food is fresh (not frozen) and they make their own chips by hand.

    Everything is cooked to order and they are damned good. Last time I was in the US I found out about their "secret menu" - which has stuff not on the normal menu. (Although if you can describe it they'll make it for you).
  6. I saw in and out when I was over there; couldn't stop laughing at the name (like a bad curry; in then out). Unfortunately never tried the food....
  7. Thanks for the tip, I would never have thought about trying them.
  8. Hrm, everything's biased toward the far southeast of the country. Nothing within crazy-daytrip range of my Tiger. :p
  9. I could stick one in the post for you Spots. :)
  10. Given how many delays I've had recently in terms of packages being delivered in the anticipated timeframe (OBD2 -> blootoof adaptor, etc), that might not be a good idea, jd! XD
  11. what the hell!?!?!? what about "Pauls Famous Hamburgers" in Sylvania Waters, Sutherland Shire NSW????

    they make such a good freaking burger!
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