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50,000kms...too many kms for a cruiser?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Syd_Chiro, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Hi....I am really keen to start riding, have had L's for over a month but dont have a bike yet...Have been waiting for the ideal deal to come up. In looking I have noticed that there are deals to be made on Yamaha xvs650's (the bike i'm looking for) that are over 25,000kms particularly ones around 50,000kms.....is this too many kms? will I be up for non stop repair work, considering I know nothing about repairin bikes yet i dont want to be adding cash that couldve just bought a newer lower km bike. What is a resonable mileage on a cruiser?

    On a side any Yamaha XVS 650 classics for sale out there buzz me. (NSW)
  2. The true question isn't so much the km's the bike has done but the care that has been taken with it.
    If it has been well serviced and cared for, there is no reason it shouldn't be going strong 50,000km's later.
    If it has been thrashed and had services (and most importantly oil changes) skipped then it could have been ready to die 10,000km's ago.
    The km's it has travelled and it's likely treatment are things you should take into account when looking to buy, but it mostly comes down to checking the bike over, taking it for a test ride and haggling on price.
  3. All things being equal it should be just run in :) Km is not the be all and end all of the story.
    These are air cooled engines and require fresh oil and regular changes. I think the 650 is a shafty so check bearings down the back.
    A documented service history is a bonus but not gospel.
    Check for wear and damage in all the usual places.
  4. :LOL: Above two posters riding 08 bikes :p

    High km bikes wanna be cheap, real cheap, cause bikes getting cheaper all the time and when you try to sell, wanna be $'000's cheaper than the rest

    50K not alot, but if you can pay a bit more for 20K, be aiming for that :wink:
  5. Given that the average cruiser engine isn't exactly highly tuned I'd hardly consider 50k to be excessive. The real downside is in resale since no matter how reliable a bike may be there seems to be a stigma about any bike that is near, or past, the magic 100k mark. On that basis if you're buying it as a first bike with a plan to upgrade soon then buying a bike with 25k, and selling it with less than 50, may work out better than trying to sell something with 70k on it. Even though those bikes would probably be easily capable of going past 100k without any major problems if looked after.
    Edit: Oh and also need to consider age. A newer bike with higher kms is often preferable if that's due to it being used mostly for touring, since it's short trips and stop-start city riding that really kills an engine.
  6. Thanks guys... my quest for knowledge on all things cruiser will hopefully pay off in my first purchase thanks to all of you! :)
  7. 50K... Just finished breaking it in :p
  8. I'll bite. And your point is?
    Surely you cant be assuming we have never bought older bikes. :?
  9. me thinks he was just joking 2wheels mate. No need to bite :p
  10. Oh I dunno, I'm only a young whipper-snapper or some such ;)
  11. The words ironic, irony, and ironically are sometimes used of events and circumstances that might better be described as simply "coincidental" or "improbable"
  12. OP: you didn't mention what year the bikes with 25-50K on them were. As the XVS650 isn't a particularly old model, if they were '07 models I might be inclined to pay extra attention.

    There are 2 excellent guides to looking for bikes (both linked on Netrider in the Articles section), I recommend you read them both. One is reasonably simple, the other needs someone with expert knowledge to even scratch the surface, but its pictures are very handy. Take a knowledgable mate with you when looking at bikes - he/she will provide valuable assistance. If you don't have one of these, a surrogate can be found on NR - loads of people here are happy to help you out with such things.

    Basic Checklist: https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=bikeinspectionchecklist

    Detailed Inspection: https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=used_bike_guide
  13. Too right. It's a cruiser, not a sports bike. Chances are its max rpm is 7000, half that of a sports bike.

    My guzzi is an 1100 aircooled twin that I'd be lucky to rev beyond 6grand. I feed it the best quality fully-synth oil I can afford on a regular basis [generally half the service interval].

    If I treat it well, I'd hoping that I be just about finished breaking the motor in by 50,000km, and that the motor will last 3-4 times that. Admittedly, it's a tractor engine and it's mine from new and I'm the only person to have ridden it so I know exactly how it's been treated.

    If I was keen on buying a 2nd hand cruiser with 50K on it, if you're not confident about it's history and your bike knowledge is limited, I'd be thinking about running it down to a dealer and bunging them a couple of hundred to check it over.
  14. Nah,50k is just run in nicely...providing always serviced & ridden with some care.you should be able to do a good deal on it too :cool: