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50,000 kays in 2.5 years

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by deadman, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Well I wanted to get my 50,000 kays up in 2.5 years on my Bird.

    Friday morning about 10-30 we rolled out for a ride, Lilydale, Noojee, icy creek,
    Yallourn north, Maffra. Briagolong, allanadale, Lindenow, Omeo, Falls creek,
    What an awesome road that is, Omeo to Falls Creek, I would like to do it on my own with out Heather on the back of the Bird.

    Camped on the side of the road at Falls creek, Used the bikes light to put up the tent, Flat battery in the morning, pushed the bike up hill for about 150 yards, then roll started it down the road, Lost trip meter and the clock,Had breaky and rolled out to Mt beauty, Tawonga, across to Bright, Up to Mt Hotham, down to Omeo again, sitting on the side of the creek at Omeo, will we go home or try the road to Mitta Mitta,

    Me, believing it was sealed all the way, decide to give it a go, Magic road full of grouse twisties and no cars, till we hit the gravel, What a crap road,
    Large gravel and gibbers, almost lost it, Heather says, that was a good save,
    I said it was pure luck, 35 Kays of crap later, we hit the bitumen again, magic twisties, Loved it,

    Get into Mitta Mitta, book a room for the night, Heathers body cant handle another night on the ground, even tho we have a egg shell mattress, have breaky and hit the road again, 1.44 for unleaded, I still have four bars on the guage, give that price a miss, head for Tangambalanga, no Petrol station,

    I am on the flashing light for the last 15 kays, Ah well, head for Wodonga, the Bridge is out, so we have to detour, get to the end of the Detour, 15 to Yackendanda or 16 to Wodonga, Take Wodonga, Yackendanda might not have fuel, its only a small place, Get fueled up at Wodonga, Visit Heathers daughter who lives there and then back on the road, Head towards Tallangatta,then down the kiewa valley Hwy to Tawonga, have lunch, then over Tawonga Gap to Bright, Myrtleford and then we turned off to Carboor,

    Good road to Carboor, then gravel road, to Edi Upper, Then down to Edi, was a good hard packed gravel road and smooth, not too much loose crap except on the corners, 20 kays later and we almost get to Whitfield, 200 yards short, Hahahahaha, its across the river, No bridge, Washed out by the floods, so we have to go to Cheshunt, about 6 kays further on and then backtrack to Whitfield,

    Then over the whitfield road to Mansfield, fuel up, coffee and chips, smoko, then on to Jamieson, over the new road to Eildon, A bit of loose gravel here and there, but, a slower speed seen us through there with no hairy moments, had a coffee at Big river bridge,

    Damn the milks gone off, Black coffee, Yuk, By this time its dark, away we go again, After discussion wether we camp there for the night. Nah, A bed is only a couple of hours away, the bed wins, Good ride to Eildon and then Thornton, Taggerty, Blackspur, Lilydale, Home about 12-30 am Monday morning,

    All up about 1500 klms, the speedo now reads 50,454 Klms,
    Top ride on some excellent roads,
    About 75 kays of gravel road all up. shit happens,
    We had a really great time for 3 days,
    The Bird did not miss a beat, The weather was grouse, but got very hot during the day,

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  2. I'm a fan of the blackbird..she would make for effortless touring.
    Yonks ago four of trips I did over to Adelaide were on unsealed roads near Bordertown..I think there was 80 odd kms in total..it didnt take long before you were moving over it at a decent pace..but twitches from the front end you make you pucker.
  3. :worthlesspics: or at the very least a google maps link of the route :)

    Gratz Brian, some lovely roads :)

  4. Congrats deadman (y)
    Solid effort indeed and what roads to celebrate this milestone on !

    Currently sitting on around ~20,500km of riding in the past 7mths. Would love to arrive at a similar travelled distance in 2.5yrs if I could ride as consistently as I have recently.

    Safe, happy onwards riding to you :)
  5. Blackbird on the twisties? I've been told their horribly difficult to turn let alone with a pillion!
  6. You have got that one wrong,
    The only corners I slow down for are tight Hairpin bends, the longer wheelbase accounts for this,

    Other wise the Blackbird holds its own against all comers.

    Even two up, its effortless cruising at all speeds,
    I ride mainly mountain twisties in all weathers, two up. the Bird never misses a beat, its sure footed and exceptionally easy to ride,

    I put in the 6mm shim, tip in is a breeze, Totally stock suspension, occasionally scrapes due to the extra weight of the pillion, and my heavy wrist,

    But other wise its a complete pleasure to ride,

    Under 20 kays, its a total pig, top heavy, U turns are a pain in the Butt,
    But once it gets moving, it becomes a pure missile, sits on the road like a brick, does not jump, float, weave, pogo, Nothing,

    Twisties are pure joy and total Fun, Fun, Fun,

    The smooth acceleration, is Awesome,

    People dont realize just how good the Blackbird really is,
  7. apart from the dirt, sounds like a perfect way to bring up a mileage milestone....
  8. Sitting here quietly drooling. I'll be doing a little part of your epic next week (if the gods allow).
    I'm trying to find your route bypassing Oxley. HTF did you get to Carboor by 'good road'? Can't see much on the map, and is it worth it, or should I just suck it up and do the King Valley Road brain-baker?
    Washed out bridge was Gentle Annie Lane?

    All good on Omeo to Falls?
  9. Omeo to falls, Yeeeaaaahhhhhhhhh, good twisties, Then you turn left up the hill to go to Falls, They are short twistie sweepers, Bit of small loose gravel, here and there, Just ride in the clean grooves,

    Omeo to Mitta Mitta, Yeeeeaaahhhh, till you hit the dirt road, Turn around and go back to Omeo or Falls creek, Unless you have a chookchaser, Hahahahaha then it would be fun,

    Road to Carboor is dead straight, good bitumen road, But no traffic, Carboor to Edi upper and Whitfield is dirt, good quality, You can try the road, Carboor to Cheshunt, I went right at the start of the dirt, To Edi upper, I dont know about the road that continued on, Lake Buffalo road, It goes to Cheshunt, I thought it went to Lake Buffalo, so I turned off.

    No Maps with me. And Google maps are not very clear there.

    Not sure about Gentle Annie Lane, I think it was the one in Whitfield itself, As I could see all the buildings from across the river, That river is DEEP, at that point.
    The detour through Cheshunt is about 14 kays all up,
  10. That doesn't look like level 2.3x red level grade motorcycle approved ATGATT gear in pic 3.[-(

    I've done 5,000kms in 5 years and I always wear my fluoro leathers with additional strobe lights.
  11. I had the jumper on to avoid sunburn, It was hot hot hot,
    Other wise it would have been an approved TAC level 10 totally recommended safety garment, White T shirt,
    Heather had all the attgatt gear on tho, But thats her choice, and I dont give her grief about it,
  12. OK, gotcha. Everton-Carboor Road up to the Snow Road. But it doesn't cut much off the trip especially with backtracking to Cheshunt.
    It'll be a great day they seal the Whitfield-Lake Buffalo Road get's sealed :) but I ain't holding my breath.
    Thanks, we'll keep an eye out for the loose stuff. And wild boar on the GAR.
  13. The bonus is no traffic, If you get my drift,
  14. Sounds like I have to test ride a blackbird! They are a good value bike 2nd hand. I don't want to ride my CBR600F from Sydney to Canberra every weekend.

    EDIT: What fuel consumption did you experience with the pillion and your gear? I'm fairly interested to find out as I intend on a full kit out of Givi hard luggage.
  15. Have done 350 klms two up on a tank of fuel, and still had some left, with the light flashing, 25 litre tank,
    But less than 200 klms, two up, when really pushing it through the twisties,
    first and second gear all the way, Roll on, roll off, type of riding, Level 5,
    And it does it very effortlessly, two up, it does not even notice the extra weight,

    The Blackbird supposedly does, 120 Klms in first, 206 Klms in second, and there is 6 of them. Hahahahaha,

    Not that I would do those type of speeds,
  16. Awesome trip Brian.
    Congrats on the 50k, there's no stopping you mate.