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5 things to take around Australia

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by macbrowndog, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Assuming your bike was ready to go... What 5 essential items would you take will you on a 5 - 6 week trip around Australia in May/June ?

    Cheers Andrew
  2. a spare pair of jocks
    a large toilet roll
    a big knife
    sun block
  3. A bike, it's a bloody long walk.
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  4. t shirt
    phone - sadly
  5. Trangia, tent, sleeping bag, bug spray, drugs.
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  6. A camera
    A tyre repair kit
    A satellite phone
    A first aid kit
    Wet weather gear. .
  7. Three of us doing a half lap at the end of March. 5 things we decided we needed

    Tyre repair kit and basic tools
    First aid kit
    Extra fuel/water
    Caravan atlas. (Lists and rates caravan parks. Need to know where your knocking off tonight)
    Wet weather gear.
  8. cash for prostitutes
    red bull
    pocket grinder
    itunes/mp3's/music etc...
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  9. Plastic zip ties. So many useful applications when you are roughing it.

    The most handy invention since.........handcuffs I guess.
  10. ^^^Nr's ****** of the year
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  12. Ifwe knew what you said it would help.
  13. it had it's moment about 2 drinks back - it's best left in the past.
  14. Money.
    then you can buy the other four things as you realise what you should have taken with you.
  15. Money is not going to help when you are stuck on the Nullabor.

    Some food and water.... Which I did not think of before I started this thread.
  16. Credit card ... that's all ...

    1. Enough leave.....
    2. A patient Missus .....
    3. The courage to do it.....
    4. Actually doing it.....
    5. The shit you'll see - the memories you'll make and the stories you'll tell to mates who will be jealous as hell...
    Obviously no 5 is the most important :D
  17. camera, because "pics or it never happened".
  18. 1. A muesli bar.
    2. A spare sock.
    3. A picture of my mother in law.
    4. A berry cider micro bewery.
    5. A complete archive of bash.org.
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