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5 Signs of a car you need to stay away from.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by N2O, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. 1) The drivers seat nearly fully reclined (this is a classic drugged out retard act)

    2) The cap sitting really far back on the head of the driver. So much so that the peak is touching the ceiling of the car. (This is either the act of a druggo, or the act of a young cranbournian)

    3) Any skyline, celica, supra, 300zx, 250zx, etc with a P-plate in the window

    4) any, and I mean ANY 4WD. They are all fcukheads. (sorry for the eloquence, there is just no better way to describe them)

    5) Actually, void number 3, and don't go near ANY p-plater.

    If you're a P-plater and you disagree with me saying you are a bad driver, you are wrong.
  2. Im sorry But I take offence to that statement and so will alot of other "netriders" that also have/drive 4wd's !

    :LOL: :p
  3. wow. you took me seriously. too bad for you, huh?

    Why not pick out the fact that I said all cranbournians are bad drivers? You live in berwick, which is definately close enough for the plumes of marijuana smoke to reach you and affect you.


    PS. If you didn't get it, that was an apology for offending you with a joke.
  4. well perhapes if you added a few of these :LOL: :LOL: :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

    people would take it as a joke :p
  5. I think P platers tend to change lanes a bit unpredictably but other than that are generally sedate enough.

    Had a few bad experiences lately huh? Don't forget the Volvo's.
  6. i knew you weren't serious when you didn't list volvo's as a car to stay away from. :grin:
  7. Tell it to the 4WD driver that reversed out in into a major road in front of me today :roll: :grin: :grin:
  8. Good on you N20 for being a 19yo brainless tard. Hope that works out good for you.

    You're not long of your P's yourself so what are you doing on here baggin out P plate drivers and other people's choice of fashion or seating position.
    Try and think before you type making a blanket statement - some P platers have been racing go karts or competing in other forms of motorsport since they were kids. I'd lay money on the fact that they're better drivers than most people on the road.

    Try practicing a bit of tolerance and acceptance for other people choices before you be so judgemental.
  9. I just love the P-platers in cranbourne.
    The VN commodore with the P-plate, the huge playboy decal, the pink seats, and don't forget the baby seat in the back.
  10. :LOL: you should see the ones in Hastings, the Cranny ones are rank beginers compaired to them. :LOL: :p
  11. I'll keep in mind that those with go-karting experience must definately be the majority of them on the road.

    Perhaps a bit of tolerance of some humour and me having a laugh at myself wouldn't go astray either?

    Oh, and just because I am "brainless tard", who can't know anything oh marvelous 24 year old: It takes one to know one

    EDIT: Had to fix my brainlessly "tarded" spelling errors.
    Man, I sure am a giant retard just because I'm 19.
    I can't wait till I'm 24 and know better than ANYONE who's younger than me.
  12. + 1 for our area - tho' the recent spike in petrol prices - and an increase in police in the area with the new 'hoon laws' has quietened them a little. Mebbe they'll eventually learn that intersections and keeping to the left are not suggested servings :roll:
  13. oh, and by the way:
    I'm a P-plater.
    I'm definately not as good a driver as I could be, but I don't try to do stupid shit.
    I don't want to bust up my triumph.
    She busts herself enough without being thrashed.
  14. Yeah right go ahead put words into my mouth.

    I never claimed you to not know anything, was just offering a bit of advice. Though if you want to jump straight on the defensive and start attacking me for what's a rational post then go right ahead. The brainless tard shoe fits and you've proved it.

    If you want to post something as a joke as someone already said put some smiley faces alongside it so people know you're joking.

    Take your attention seeking elsewhere and come back when you've got something constructive to say.
  15. i agree with u N20 and when i saw that u are only 19 i jumped to the conclusion that you are very mature and swiched on for a guy of ure age.
    some may not agree, it's just my opinion.

    theres a big difference between a skilled driver and a good driver.

    skilled is not enough, they must consider other users.

    WHITE VANS; there's a problem to look out for. i've only had three incidents that were brought on by f'n morons and they were all in white vans.

    1, indicated and pulled over to left, then swang out and did u turn [i had to swerve onto wrong side o road and touched his bumper with exhaust pipe]

    2; failed to notice he was merging and ran me into the traffic on my left.

    3; SERIOUSLY, he got sick of waiting to turn right at an intersection and ripped my foot off, smashed femur, broken hip, pelvis..etc

    white vans are the danger to look out for. a white van with a p plate....thats wot got me.
  16. I didn't have to put the words in. They came out. I just quoted exactly what you said. You called me a "tard" simply because I'm 19. Or was it just that you couldn't get the joke? Or maybe it was just that you wanted to have an internet argument for the sake of an argument?

    Let me translate and get rid of the pointless crap.
    Even though I called you a 'tard' just because you're 19, I didn't say you didn't know anything. But now that you've hurt my feelings, i'm going to retract teh statement I just made, and call you a tard again.

    When you go to see a standup routine or a funny movie, do you get the person next to you to tell you whether something is funny or not?
  17. L0ok cuz u b3tta st0p talkin shiznitz b4 i get ma h0mi3s to run through yo doors
    i'm d0n3 wit yo ass f00l i gotta g0 smoke a bowl in mt druitt wit mah g's

    And you're right I didn't get the joke, maybe it's my lack of intelligence or your lack of wit. I'll let you be the judge of that.
  18. haha.
    Now you're getting it.
    I'll pay that. Nice call.
    Maybe I didn't word it right, oh well.
    I didn't mean to offend. I was really just having a laugh at all the dickheads in my area who pretty much fit that exact description.
  19. Lovely, now kiss and make up - until next time ;)
  20. Yeah nps man, I was fired up. :grin:

    Being from the Western Suburbs of Sydney we get that out here and I'm sick of being discriminated against because I still sometimes dress like a bit of a hood (used to hang out with some dickheads back when I was a teenager but not anymore) and if you blend in with em they tend not to try and rob you of your smokes, wallet and phone on the train.

    It's quite funny gauging the way people treat me if I'm wearing a suit coming from or going to work in a shop, as opposed to dressed in old casual clothes (and I'm not a Nautica boy either have you guys got them down there???)

    Peace and love and all that stuff :)