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5 more sleeps

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oz_johnno, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Till I get out of the rehab hospital......

    l will still be coming back here for treatment as an out patient for a few months yet, but my prognosis is good and I will be getting back on 'beryl' (dads old r65) in feb/march 2011.

    I have received visitors from netrider, riding SA, Far riders and ulysses but I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following netriders

    Chef, for getting my laptop fixed and getting me back online

    Loz and Ben, for giving me something interesting to read

    Flux, honestly dude there is no hard feelings and I look fwd to getting out on a ride with you next year.

    There were some others but Im sorry guys my memory still isnt so good (head butting a tree will do that to you), so please forgive me for not mentioning each one of you, your visits were very much appreciated.

    Heres looking forward to a better, safer new year


  2. ahh good news mate, heal well :)
  3. Speedy recovery mate and all the best (y)
  4. Good to hear you are on the road to recovery and hope everything heals up and your back to full function in no time : )
  5. That's great to hear Johnno. I'll be back to shit ya some more before you go i reckon. (and to make sure Loz didn't give you all the good magazines)

    BTW, did you like your new wallpaper?

    Oh and hey remember the rules, when you can throw a leg over the wife, then you can throw a leg over the bike ;)

  6. a
    Hey cheffie, I will look fwd to your visit, best to catch me after 3:30pm as my dance card is pretty full up to that point. Im lovin the wallpaper, and it oft leaves me pining for the fijords (mmmmm nice day for a ride up the spur.....)
    As for 'the rules' , yeah you have point cause my broken ribs and sternum are making sure I dont go riding anything for the moment :( Give it a couple of months though and Im sure I will get there.

    In the meantime I will read my mags and dream.......

  7. damn, dude, what happened?
  8. Best wishes on you continuing on a speedy recovery and getting healthy and mobile quickly.
    Good too see a good outcome nearing, i remember when they 1st announced your accident in a thread a lot of people held real fears you were not going to make it at 1st
  9. Heh heh, I put the pic on your wall bro, but it was Loz who changed the wallpaper on your laptop ;)

    Oh, and the mystery redhead was Flipper in case that was keeping you up at night.

    Save me a Nurse ;)
  10. thanks goz. Good to hear you're healing dude. Get better quick.
  11. Glad to hear of the progress - keep it up! :D
  12. That's something good to hear.
    Well done johnno...good to see you come out the other side raring to go!
    Ya can't keep a good man down, as we have seen on NR before. :)

  13. glad you're here to ride another day.

    rest up johnno.
  14. The details are rather sketchy (ie I dont remember what led up to the accident & not much of what happened after) but I sustained the following:

    I broke c1, c2 c3 in my neck,
    I broke t1 to t7 in my in my back,
    I broke L6 & L7 in my lower back,
    I broke 6 ribs,
    I broke my sternum,
    I broke my right collar bone,
    I tore open my right lung and it needed to be repaired
    & I had a 'moderate' sub arachnoid brain bleed (it didnt need to be operated on).

    I then had a bit of trouble getting help. I was near the front of the group when the accident happened and I knew I must have been somewhere off the side of the road when I heard the rest of the ride go by. I faded in and out of conscienceness for a while but each time I woke up I repeatedly called for help. Then after 3 hours a local plod was riding his bicycle. He stopped when he heard someone calling for help. I remember him telling me to 'hang in there mate helps on its way' and I remember him saying 'your going to be ok mate, helps here' ....... then I remember nothing.

    they then stabilized me and waited 2 hours for the chopper to come and airlift me to the alfred. I was 2 days in a medically induced coma to give my a chance to heal. they tried to wake me up but my brain started to swell again so the put me under again. 2 days later they tried again and this time I woke up. then they fitted me with 'the neckbrace from hell' (look up minerva brace). then after another week in icu, 3 or 4 days on a ward, then out here to the rehab hospital.

    There is nothing like spending time in one of these places to make you realize how lucky you are, with neck and spinal injury fractions of a millimeter determine whether your walking, have substantial weakness down one side, end up in a wheelchair or on lifesupport for the rest of your sorry life.

    Things learned:
    1) you shouldnt go riding when there is other stuff weighing heavy on your mind (my dad died the week before and I almost followed him).

    2) You can never spend too much on a helmet. Im convinced if I was wearing something cheaper Than my Shoei XR1000 I would have died.

    3) 'All the gear all the time', apart from those injuries listed I didnt have a scratch on me. people were suprised to see me up and walking less than 2 weeks after the accident. I dont think this would have been possible if I wasnt wearing full gear, my red power ranger suit, as leary as it was, saved me further injury.

    Ongoing problems:

    1) this frigging neck brace, I have to wear it till the end of january
    2) my short term memory is a bit shakey and I sometimes search for words or loose my train of thought all together, but Im told I have 'scrambled the eggs' a little hard and it will settle down over the next year or so.

    so not that much really. Nothing permanent, Im a very lucky guy.

  15. Damn! Seriously damn!!

    That is the list from hell for injuries mate. Then 3 hours waiting for help.

    It's staggering what the human body can go through and recover from. Really glad you've made it :D
  16. Good progress John and happy your getting away from the rehab soon.

    Looking forward to our next farriders ride.
    Hmm, next one in Feb, but I'll let you off that one.....hehe

    heal well and take all the time you need buddy..
  17. After having spent a piddly little fortnight in hospital last year I can well imagine how much you're looking forward to being home and all that it brings. Best wishes in your continued recovery.
  18. Jeez, John, that's a big list of injuries.

    Glad you are going well and had some boys looking after you.

  19. Mate, what a sobering incident and list of injuries. All power to your recovery Johnno. Great to hear you're getting out of the rehab unit!