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Featured 5 months of Ducati ownership

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by i_cruise, May 26, 2015.

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    New years day 2015 will stick out in my memory because it's the day i first became a Latte' sipping, biscotti munching Ducatisti. After a decade of owning mostly Japanese 4 cylinder machines and thinking of Dukes as a distant dream, i finally said 'bugger it' and bought a Red 1098.

    Picking up a new (or 2nd hand) bike is always a huge day for me. Definitely more exciting than Birthdays or Christmas and i have a ritual of wheeling it into the shed and cleaning, polishing and inspecting every nut and bolt. This time the ritual included drinking stubbies, kicking back and admiring.

    Having never ridden a Ducati or any other big capacity V-twin, i had nothing to compare it to so was very keen to get in the saddle. At first it felt so narrow my knees were going to touch through the frame. The riding position felt similar to the Daytona 675 i used to ride but the Duke is definitely more comfortable overall. I've since ridden it from Melbourne to Phillip Island and back with no big comfort issues. I'm about 178cms and find the tank nicely shaped to lock my knee into while cornering.

    Everyone will have a different opinion on exhaust notes, but even sitting on it's sidestand idling it sounds fantastic. Lots of lumpy bass with some mechanical clatter. The mirrors vibrate and it all feels very un-japanese. The Engine feels like the centrepiece of the bike instead of just a component.

    I was expecting to feel a mountain of torque from just above idle,but it's actually pretty tame till about 4000 rpm. The midrange is epic and power wheelies in the first 4 gears are noooo problem. One thing i never get bored of is the exhaust sound while decellerating on a closed throttle. Riding through the burnley tunnel i can't help using the engine braking. The Termignonis Bellow and everyone in their cages look around to see what the racket is.

    The handling is lovely. My old fireblade could be steered by your fingertips but the Duc needs more of a nudge on the bars to get it turning. Super stable and confidence inspiring. You'd really have to be doing something silly to fall off the thing.

    So far im enjoying the bike a lot. It adds a lot of fun to my life and the 1098 can be had for not much money at the moment. It's a buyers market. Highly recommend.


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  2. Gee!! Ducati make some awesome looking and sounding bikes. I have the 821 Monster on my list a bit further down the track :)

    Enjoy :)
  3. Nice one mate. I rode one last week. I thought the gearing was way tall. Don't know when u would ever use 5th or 6th gear. Too uncomfortable for me to own. Felt very stable in the corners. If someone gave me one I would lower the gearing.
  4. I echo all your sentiments :). The same feelings are still there after 28 years too LOL.
    The only difference isthat the old Bevel has torque down low and doesnt pop the front wheel (easily )
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  5. We all take the Mickey out out Ducati owners but in more than ten years on Netrider this is the first actual owner review I can remember reading. Most illuminating!
    I have an old mate who lives in north Sydney who loves accelerating through the cutting up to the southern approaches to the Bridge....
  6. This bit made me smile - love the sound of a Ducati!
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  7. I suspect you will only own Ducati's from now on. Although after getting the bill from a service you may reconsider - until you hop on and ride off again, then those nasty thought disappear again.
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  8. It's true. The bike is geared for the Bonneville flats as standard which i think was emissions related. I'm finding i need to slip the clutch a lot in traffic and through tight roundabouts. 4th gear is fine for freeway speeds and when the time comes to replace the chain, i'll go down a tooth on the front.

    Mate i used to tailgate Ducs on my jap bikes for that reason.. I still do the same with 2 strokes for other reasons..
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  9. ah, the sound of bevel 900s with Contis around Amaroo Park in the days of the Six Hour....
  10. Glad you're enjoying the bike. I've had my 1098 for about 3.5 years, only had a radiator pack up and Ducati covered it two years out of warranty and I did a reg/rec at Christmas time. I've now got over 30,000k's on so I won't bother trying to sell it, I'll keep it a buy something else as well.

    As far as gearing goes, you get used to it, when I have mates jump on it they all struggle with the clutch and gearing, but it's no biggie after a while. I'm going to do chain and sprocket shortly and I'll get a second rear with one tooth up, same as going one down on the front but the chain doesn't have a smaller sprocket to go around.

    You'll hear all the BS about servicing costs from those who wouldn't know their arse from their elbow. You've got 12,500k intervals between services, I do my own at 6,000 and mechanic at 12,500. You'll also have major service, belts etc every 24,000k's, depending what needs to be done and by who, expect around $1,500 which also includes the minor service.

    Do yourself a favour, ditch the Ducati filter or the performance filter, actually any of them and fit the 2 piece MWR filters. Do a google search and you'll understand why.

    Apart from that, just enjoy riding it how and when you want to.
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  11. Its usually 3 on the rear is equal to 1 on the front, from memory std is 16 or maybe 15 front, 15 isnt that much of a chain issue. Not like the 11 I fitted to a Husky once.
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  12. BS you reckon. A $1500 service sounds pretty extreme to me. And thats every 2 years or 24k. Most Duke 1098s wont go anywhere near 24k in 2 years. What k's do they do valve clearances?
  13. Valve clearances are every 24k. I measured mine shortly after buying it. All were in spec albiet at the upper end of the tolerances. As cazzo said, there seems to be a lot of scaremongering and folklore about the desmo valve train. All you need to do a service is a socket set, set of long feeler gauges and allen keys.

    I'll be buying a cam holder tool for next time though, getting the new belt on without it was a painful process.
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  14. darrenwilliam79darrenwilliam79 out of curiosity what Ducati with a Testastretta motor do you own?
  15. Thats a general rule, based purely on the fact that most bikes are generally geared 3/1.

    It something was to come out geared 10t front 100t rear, for example, then 1 tooth on the front is a huge change compared to 3 teeth at the back.

    Usually going down one tooth front on stock gearing, gives a final drive change somewhere between going up 2 and 3 teeth on the back.

    To be honest if its geared as tall as most bikes, go at least 2 up on the rear, you'll barely notice 1 up on the rear.
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  16. Great review.....thanks for going to the trouble writing a very interesting post!
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    15:38 stock, 1:2.53 ratio.. 14T would be same as 14:35.5 (ie going down 2.5 teeth on rear)
    14T vs 15T = 15/14 = 7% more force on chain and sprocket teeth, 7% reduction in speed
    and hits each tooth 14T 7% more often = about 15% faster wear (7% faster chain wear?)

    40T vs 38T = 5% less force on chain and sprocket teeth. 5% lower top speed
    5% less wear on front sprocket and chain (less force), and 10% less wear on rear sprocket.

    fwiw... theoretically
  18. Had an 1100 evo for two years.
    Going down one tooth on the front made a big difference in riding in traffic.
    Trouble is they sound good on full song, had a few issues with the police from this.
    But I paid the fines, did the time, still have the smile.
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  19. Yep, Ditto for me with the gearing. $2.00 in 4th is crazy and riding in traffic is difficult. Clutch in - clutch out as 1st is too tall, even at idle, to fit in with traffic flow. Up side is 4th is Soooo much fun as you sit right in the torque band. Am going to drop the sprocket next service, dealer reckons there are very few that have not had it done on delivery.
  20. lol you'd have to have heat insulated testicles to commute on a 1098!
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