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5 minutes, 4 incidents, 3 drivers, 1 ropable Lilley

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Ljiljan, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Wont go into detail, still too fired up to post something intelligible. But one p-plater who featured twice, a bus! and a taxi.

    I'm a bit peeved.

    What it shows is that my driver training is now instinct, unconsciously competent. best $600 my parents have spent on me.

  2. glad you're okay.

    that sounds like a nightmare :(

    thank feck for driver training :D
  3. A driver with training, the rta will now consider yo a overconfident menace. good too see it works but
  4. Apparently. It's saved me more than once.

    Glass and a half of red later and I'm starting to calm down now. sleep time.
  5. Was driving home last night from a restaurant in the city, and the amount of crazy shit I was seeing on the roads just blew me away. I think I need a video camera system for the cage.

    Tailgating, changing lanes without indicating. Even had a bus try to change lanes on top of me while turning a corner.
  6. Had a lady in her car slipping into my lane yesterday, on an arvo ride. Was on Maroondah Highway, returning from a beautiful, enjoyable ride through Christmas Hills/Yarra Valley.
    It's becoming instinctive to look down briefly at a driver's tyres when I'm passing them...

    I looked at her straight in the face (whilst banked over during a sweeper) and shook my head, in disbelief/disgust/whatever...The amount of unskilled/non-disciplinary driving on the roads is becoming extremely common, unfortunately.

    The amount of cars changing lanes without indicating is really starting to frustrate the HELL out of me ! However, what always takes the cake is watching an instant transformation to 'angelic driving status' whenever a police vehicle is in the immediate vicinity (#$@%#&%#&^% !!!!!)

    What are the streets of Melbourne (and obviously other parts of Oz) turning into ?!
    Having lived in Hong Kong for 8yrs until recently, and spending a considerable amount of time on roads of many other Asian countries, I was horrified at how 'reckless', hurried and downright crazy all drivers are in those parts. What's even more amusing is the mentality we as Australians, constantly 'employ' in mocking these 'NFI Drivers'.....
    Time to take a hard look in the mirror : This 'CRAZY' driving is now happening (more and more) on our own streets !!! And NO - this is NOT (only) due to other road users of an ethnic/asian background !
    Be careful everyone !
  7. I was crossing the road yesterday with an old lady and a couple pushing a pram.

    Was beeped to walk faster by 4 tradies in a ute.

    I know not to pick fights I can't win so nothing was said :(
  8. And the roads authorities of various states have the outright audacity to claim that it is us, the average run of the mill I-ride-for-the-love-of-it motorcyclist, that is the problem. We all know the truth and are well aware of who the idiots are on the road and where better training and instruction needs to be levelled.
  9. lots of drunks on the roads this weekend with the footy final.
    not meaning the obvious spastically shit faced ones.
    i mean the ones who can still drive ok are the ones to watch out for.. they are easy to spot because they appear to be trying to doing everything a bit too perfectly, never breaking the speed limmit for example.
    they are obviously being a bit too carefull because they don't want to draw attention to themselves.
    but you really have to be carefull of them at intersections, because their time/distance judgement is way out... you do not want them pulling up behind you.
    i don't always filter to the front at every set of lights... but yesterday i made sure i did.
  10. I absolutely cannot wait for the post from a nob, who while busy trying to illegally damage one car, ran up the arse of another car he should and would have seen if he was riding his bloody bike properly.

    Of course, it'll never happen because the idiot won't want everyone to think...erm...he's an IDIOT!

  11. Lilley! Cool!, eh mate! :))

    You've made outstanding progress in the mastering of pro-active riding, by the sound of it!

    Time for a pat on the back, mate. :)

  12. I was driving, but thanks. In the process of waiting for insurance payout and looking for a bike.
  13. Will go into a bit of detail now.

    1st: Old model commodore (green p's) behind me in next lane screaming up Botany Rd (foreshore continuation) towards beauchamp rd. Went in front, braked across into my lane, and then into beauchamp left turn lane. In the distance behind I see his mate in some rubbish hatch trying to do the same, he's well behind. By this stage i'm well into the turning lane thinking he will come in behind. No. Doing about 80 or similar finally overtakes and dives across both lanes into the turning lane, maybe a car length in front of me and then procedes to lock up as he tries to make the corner (very sharp hairpin). Was already going fairly slow and saw him well in advance so I was prepared for it. Still succeeded in annoying me.http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=-33.962692,151.219541&spn=0.000986,0.001899&t=h&z=19

    no 2: Along beauchamp rd. Was in left lane with commodore and hatch in right, and was about halfway between them (several car spaces between them) and they are driving smoothly. Car parked in left lane so indicate to merge over for a few seconds so the dick speeds up to cut me off. I was sufficiently annoyed that I thought about forcing the issue but decided against it. By this time I'm quite close to the car parked and had to brake sharply to make it in behind him.
    Really annoyed now. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&sou...914,151.222282&spn=0.000986,0.001899&t=h&z=19

    Unleashed a bit of frustration turning into denison st. Lovely bend, as long as your driving.

    3rd: Driving past Eastgardens on Wentworth St, a bus pokes his head out of the terminal and comes onto the road slightly. He sees me approaching and stops. At this i move into the middle lane from the left and have brakes covered. Then he decides i'm an insignificant fly and pulls out across all three lanes to make the turn. Within about half a second I have locked up a wheel and released it and move back into the left lane. Pulling up beside him I let my displeasure be known, driver doesn't even blink, just stares stonily straight ahead. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&sou...orums/showthread.php?p=2024795#post2024795=19

    4th: After turning onto Bunnerong Rd there is a taxi in the right hand lane and I'm gradually approaching on the inside. when I'm about a car length behind, still well away from his blind spot, some people walk out and hail it, maybe 40 metres ahead. Taxi jumps straight across on the brakes, giving me no time at all to brake behind him. Violently swerved into the next lane and just cleared him. No idea how I made it.

    All I can say in Ian Luff saved the car, if not my life, several times last night.

  14. As far as I'm concerned that falls under "Driving beyond the bounds of The Shire" hehehe

    I only ever see this behavior from the poorer socio economic suburbs. Then keep going North and the locals change their driving habit again, save for the odd stupid woman in an SUV sized ridiculously beyond their awareness of the world around them and their vehicle generally.
  15. ahh my home suburb, and it's drivers, am glad i live out of sydney now, but sometimes miss there crazy antcs lol
  16. Hahaha. :)

    Unfortunately the shire is far from exempt.
  17. sounds like you needed a helmet cam.. :p
  18. Oh was that you I cut off? My apologies!

    Seriously though, my home turf and know where you're talking about. Driven along all those roads many times.

    I've had a few recent run ins with P platers along there. Usually they don't turn left onto Beauchamp and go straight onto LaPa though ;)

    Glad there was no incidents and you were planning ahead for all possibilities.

    ps. Give way to busses duh! haha
  19. Afterwards I gave solid thought to heading down to bare is. reef to chill for an hour or two. Went underneath Tom Ugly's Bridge instead and watched some idiot bust their radiator driving over a road island. Expensive mistake.
  20. It's a nice spot during the day.

    I remember getting ice creams and watching the snake man on Sundays.

    Good fish and chips too ;)