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5 Hyosungs around King Lake!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by motoGrapher, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Hey Mates,

    A month ago I did a shoot for Hyosung around Melbourne and King Lake. Here are the pictures, hope you enjoy them.

    P.S: Any Ninja 250 riders in Melbourne reading this, please PM me asap! Thanks








  2. NICE piccies!!! Now wait for all the Hyosung-bashers to roll up :LOL:.
  3. really like the second last one
    nice stuff there
  4. Nice pics but be careful of the picture limit please.
  5. They're lucky they made it that far out of town ... :p
  6. What equipment are you using?
    Lenses camera, lighting pp techniques etc?
  7. Can think of worse ways to spend a day...

    Are you a photographer by trade? Just wondering how you get gigs like that!
  8. @DarkHorse:
    Yea, photography is my 'side' profession. I am actually a graphic designer.

    @Smee: I use a Canon 450 and 500D with 10-22mm Canon, 100 mm f2.8 macro, 70-200mm f4, 50mm f1.8 lenses. You can see more of my work here : www.notjustaphotographer.com/asaphotographer.php

    EDIT: @smee: Oops sorry didnt know about the picture limit. Any page where i can up look up all the rules?
  9. Love your work Sunny.
    There are quite a few decent photograhers on this forum, would be great to do a shoot one day just to share ideas and your experiences.
  10. Just with reference to what smee said about the picture limit, you can only post 3 pictures in the normal forums, (I think, can't find the Terms and Conditions in this new software) but this rule is relaxed in the "Roads, Touring and Riding Diaries" forum. In the normal forums, you should post a pic or two and then links to the rest.
  11. @smee; Thanks. Yes indeed we should get to gether sometime, it will be great to make riding and shooting buddies!

    @hornet: Thanks. But a request to whoever makes the rules here, try and relax this for the Multimedia thread, because without showing photos right here it wont quiet 'Multi' media if you know what I mean. :) Thanks, ill take care in the future.
  12. Why are there limits on images it's not like netrider is hosting them???

    Oh and cool pics I saw them on the korider site... Fine example of the fine shine you can get on a turd ;-)
  13. That's a good suggestion, thanks!! I'll pass it on to the Admins. =D>
  14. I think the v bulletin software automatically limits images to 8, which seems good.

    (of course I could be wrong)
  15. That probably makes what I just posted in Holding a bit irrelevant :LOL:.
  16. Actually the terms and conditions says this:
    If you must use the image tags, please restrict the use of inline images, using the [​IMG]
  17. They needed the 5 bikes just to have enough spares.
  18. So does that mean if the images are not inline, and you instead break them up with a bit of text, that this rule does not apply?

    And to xBhp, thankyou very much for sharing all of that, it is indeed inspiring to look at.
  19. No, it means you can't post more than 3 images in the one post, no matter how you break them up. The rule becomes vague, because if someone then replies to your post you can then post some more.

    I think the general rule was created as not everyone had super fast broadband and people would load a post heavily with images, meaning the page would take forever to load. That's largely now an irrelevance, as most have decent access speeds, but the rule still applies.

    I recently got a 10-22 for the 40D. All I have to do now is work out how to use it best.
  20. it's 5 per post not 3