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5 grand to spend on a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by albear, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. G"day all.
    i have 5 grand to spend on a bike.

    it must be at least 1000cc at the min.

    it must be able to cope with 2 up 75% of the time.

    long rides are a must ,to be comfortable.

    luggage carrying. & i have BEEN TOLD,buy what ever you want,but it MUST have a back rest.

    my research so far is pointing towards a xv 1100.

    your input is welcome & wanted.

    Bear & Kat
  2. I keep reading that the XV 1300 is the best of the large Yamaha cruisers.
    Not sure if that is more expensive and outside your range though.
  3. I just sold my vt1100 for less than that which had all your requirements. Mine was good, but slow as it was the single pin crank model. I see a few of the old kwaka 1500 cruisers around that price too.

    You might also get a old fjr or k tourer for that money.
  4. Those Kawasaki Vulcans are good lookers in my opinion.
  5. Gv650 , more power than most other 1000cc cruisers .
  6. The 650 is quite small physically though, quite different to the others and the OP wanted 2 up performance.
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  7. Try for a FJR1300 or similar, mate. Great bike, good two-up, good power and wouldn't sniff at carrying luggage. Plenty of aftermarket options.

    My equivalent steed is a 1980 Suzuki GS850, shaftie 4cyl aircooled with comfy two-up seat and gear rack. Plenty of go for a tourer type and very comfortable long haul. FJR would only improve on all of that.

    - boingk
  8. bandit with a top-box
  9. Pillion, backrest, luggage? Surely the VTR1000 not ideal against those criteria?
  10. A top box is not a backrest. It wont take the force
  11. ST1100 ticks all the box's you have mentioned. Plus great fuel range, the mid 90's were a bit fugly but as a practical machine are up there, especially for one on a budget.
  12. ST11100 would be a good option, another suitable bike in your price range would be the Kawasaki GTR1000.
  13. +1 for a well priced ST...

    Although - if it were me I'd try to find a good FJR
  14. hmm. some seem to be set up that way by the factory. Certainly the soft bag racks can be used as backrests.
  15. Which ones?

    Ventura lists it in their faqs not to be used as a backrest. In my experience most of these racks cant take much at all let alone a human leaning on them. If you like your pillion O wouldnt do it. But I guess if its the wife and you want to run away with the mistress she could have a little accident.


    " Can the Bike-Pack System Pack Rack be used as a back rest for the passenger? NO. Ventura Racks are intended for luggage only and not made to be used as a backrest or sissy bar. While some passengers enjoy the sense
    of security they offer, they are designed for luggage purposes only!"
  16. thanks all