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$5 For An Ice Cream Sandwich? Go Outside And Shove A Stick In Your… Oh My God It's Delicious

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. My mind has been blown by an ice cream sandwich, of all things on the planet: http://patandstick.com.au/

    How can this be?!
  2. They used to do a similar thing in the old ice cream shop in Cronulla where they made two waffles out of Donut mixture and heated them up then put whatever flavour ice cream you wanted in. You had to eat it reasonably fast but damn it was good. unfortunately the store is long gone but its good to see someone still does them... Next time i'm down there i'm paying a visit to that place for sure...
  3. Oh man their ice cream sandwiches are PHENOMENAL!
    Major food boner.
  4. Post me one up?
    No no wait, ill order one from the states itll get here faster!
  5. 5 bux for 1?
  6. Seriously dude, they are unreal..
    Worth it like a mofo.
    When you have a premium product you can charge wheteverthefcuk you want.

    Caps used to emphasise my dissapointment.
  8. Looks like I'm passing Thomas Dux grocery in Port Melbourne on the way home...thanks for the heads up grue. Ice cream is awesome...more so in this weather!
  9. That's the one I hit yesterday! They've got singles in the cooler near the register, and 4packs in the freezer in the back. They don't have EVERY flavour though, I didn't see the classic vanilla + choc biscuits, sadly. The 4 packs aren't any cheaper so I'd mix 'n' match :)
  10. They're apparently at The Meatball Company in Melbourne (I'm hoping CBD) has anyone been to the Meatball Company? WTF is it? I can't seem to find much info on it.
  11. Yeah I'm not sure, I've never heard of it. The only one I can absolutely confirm has 'em is the Thomas Dux in Port Melbourne. I'm gonna check some others a bit closer to home and I'll report back :)
  12. Subscribed, so that I can find this thread at Christmas time when I am closer to one of the retail outlets in the brissy area.
    Until then I shall just revisit and drool every day or so.
  13. whats next - jellybean
  14. My hunch is that its a Meatball Company
  15. sounds like aly may be on too something as that kinda makes sense
  16. None in my area - not surprising.
  17. ...grue...I concur with your statement. It was hard to hand over the money for just an ice cream, but damn the combination of cookie to ice cream ratio was just right. The cookie wasn't hard, it was crumbly and went well with the ice cream centre. Flavour was great! I got the Choc Chip Mint one...it was worth the $5.
  18. what would I do without you?
  19. Eat things other than pasta?

    So was it a meatball company? :)
  20. Heh absolutely !